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That's Not My Neighbor

'That's not my Neighbor' is a 2D Indie horror game based on the job simulator genre with an unique twist created by Nacho Sama.

In the year 1955, monsters with the ability to mimic humans called doppelgangers have become an everyday problem. As the new doorman of your apartment building it is your job to discern sneaky doppelgangers who wish to infiltrate from regular tenants just looking to go home. Check their documents carefully, pay attention to their appearance, call the tenants to clarify information. Should you fail, both you and the humans are going to be on the menu!

Main Game
First Person,
Single Player,
Linux, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows),
Nacho Sama,
Nacho Sama,

The Doppelganger Detection Department (D.D.D.) needs you!

There is a vacancy for the doorman position in your building and since you need the money and can't find a job you have no choice. It's 1955 and for unknow reasons doppelganers are more common than normal, so the D.D.D. has taken action on the matter. Your job will be to allow or deny the entry of the subjects who request entry to the building, it seems easy, but be careful, you can't overlook any detail because you could be food for doppelgangers.

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