Game Database

Animal WellMain GameReleasedAdventure, Indie, Platform, Puzzle,
Asha Empire: ExodusMain GameUpcomingAdventure, Strategy, Tactical,
Asha Empire OnlineMain GameAlphaFighting, Indie, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Role-playing (RPG),
Assassin's Creed ShadowsMain GameUpcomingAdventure, Hack and Slash/Beat'en Up, Role-playing (RPG),
Astro’s PlayroomMain GameReleasedPlatform,
Atlas FallenMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
Baldur's Gate 3Main GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Tactical, Turn-based Strategy (TBS),
Banishers: Ghosts of New EdenMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
Beyond GalaxylandMain GameUpcomingAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
Call of Duty: Black Ops 6Main GameUpcomingShooter,
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIIMain GameReleasedShooter,
Command & Conquer: RemasteredRemasterReleasedReal Time Strategy (RTS),
ConscriptMain GameUpcomingAdventure, Indie, Puzzle,
Counter-Strike 2Main GameReleasedShooter, Tactical,
CrossfireXMain GameReleasedShooter,
Crow CountryMain GameReleasedAdventure, Indie, Shooter,
Cyberpunk 2077Main GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG), Shooter,
Destiny 2: The Final ShapeExpansionReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG), Shooter,
Diablo IVMain GameReleasedHack and Slash/Beat'en Up, Role-playing (RPG),
Dragon's Dogma 2Main GameReleasedRole-playing (RPG),
Dune: AwakeningMain GameUpcomingAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
Elden RingMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
Ereban: Shadow LegacyMain GameReleasedAdventure, Indie, Platform,
Escape From TarkovMain GameReleasedRole-playing (RPG), Shooter, Simulator, Tactical,
Eternal ThreadsMain GameReleasedAdventure, Arcade, Indie, Puzzle,
Fallout 4Main GameReleasedRole-playing (RPG), Shooter,
Fallout: New VegasMain GameReleasedRole-playing (RPG), Shooter,
Far Cry 7Main GameReleasedAdventure, Shooter,
Final Fantasy IXMain GameReleasedRole-playing (RPG), Turn-based Strategy (TBS),
Final Fantasy VII RebirthRemakeReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
FortniteMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG), Shooter, Simulator, Strategy,
Funko FusionMain GameUpcomingAdventure, Platform, Point-and-click,
Gears of War: E-DayMain GameUpcomingAdventure,
Genshin ImpactMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
Grand Theft Auto VIMain GameUpcomingShooter,
Gray Zone WarfareMain GameReleasedAdventure, Shooter,
Hades IIMain GameEarly AccessAdventure, Indie, Role-playing (RPG),
Halo InfiniteMain GameReleasedAdventure, Shooter,
Helldivers 2Main GameReleasedShooter, Tactical,
Homeworld 3Main GameEarly AccessReal Time Strategy (RTS), Simulator, Strategy,
Honkai: Star RailMain GameBetaAdventure, Role-playing (RPG), Turn-based Strategy (TBS),
Hunter x Hunter: Nen x ImpactMain GameReleased2D Fighting, Fighting,
Hunt: ShowdownMain GameReleasedShooter, Simulator,
IndikaMain GameReleasedAdventure, Puzzle,
It Takes TwoMain GameReleasedAdventure, Platform, Puzzle,
Kingdom Hearts IVMain GameUpcomingAdventure, Hack and Slash/Beat'en Up, Role-playing (RPG),
LittleBigPlanet 3Main GameReleasedAdventure, Platform,
Little Nightmares IIIMain GameUpcomingAdventure, Platform, Puzzle,
Manor LordsMain GameReleasedReal Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy,
Mortal Kombat 1Main GameReleasedAdventure, Fighting,
MultiVersusMain GameReleasedFighting,
Natural Selection 2Main GameReleasedIndie, Puzzle, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Shooter, Strategy,
No Man's SkyMain GameReleasedAdventure, Indie, Role-playing (RPG), Simulator,
Overwatch 2Main GameReleasedShooter,
Persona 5 RoyalMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG), Turn-based Strategy (TBS),
Poppy PlaytimeMain GameReleasedAdventure, Indie, Puzzle,
Ready Or NotMain GameReleasedIndie, Shooter, Simulator, Tactical,
Red Dead Redemption 2Main GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG), Shooter,
RedfallMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG), Shooter,
Resident Evil 7: BiohazardMain GameReleasedAdventure, Puzzle, Shooter,
Sand LandMain GameReleasedRole-playing (RPG),
Senua's Saga: Hellblade IIMain GameReleasedAdventure,
Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil IslandMain GameReleasedRole-playing (RPG),
SmutaMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
Sonic x Shadow GenerationsExpanded GameUpcomingAdventure, Platform,
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of ChornobylMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG), Shooter,
StarfieldMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG), Shooter,
Star Wars: HuntersMain GameEarly AccessMOBA, Shooter, Strategy,
Star Wars OutlawsMain GameUpcomingAdventure,
Stellar BladeMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
Tales of Kenzera: ZauMain GameReleasedAdventure, Indie, Platform, Puzzle,
Team Fortress 2Main GameReleasedShooter,
Tekken 8Main GameReleasedFighting,
That's Not My NeighborMain GameReleasedIndie, Simulator,
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
The Last of Us Part II Remastered: W.L.F. EditionMain GameReleasedAdventure, Shooter,
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the KingdomMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
The Wolf Among Us 2Main GameReleasedAdventure, Point-and-click,
Tomb RaiderMain GameReleasedAdventure, Platform, Puzzle, Shooter,
Tomb Raider I•II•III RemasteredBundleReleasedAdventure, Puzzle, Shooter, Strategy,
ValorantMain GameReleasedShooter, Tactical,
Victoria 3: Sphere of InfluenceDLCReleased
V RisingMain GameReleasedAdventure,
World of Warcraft ClassicPortReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
Wuthering WavesMain GameReleasedAdventure, Role-playing (RPG),
XDefiantMain GameReleasedShooter,