Ultimate Guide to Stellar Blade: Mastering Eve with Top Skills and Essential Game Settings

Ultimate Guide to Stellar Blade: Mastering Eve with Top Skills and Essential Game Settings

As the new PS5-exclusive character action game, Stellar Blade, hits the market, players embark on a journey with Eve to battle the Naytibas, a menacing force threatening Earth. This title, reminiscent of fan-favorites like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry, offers a rich array of skills spread across five skill trees—Attack, Beta, and Survival being the primary ones available at the start. Here’s a comprehensive guide to kickstart your adventure with Eve, focusing on the best skills to unlock early and some essential gameplay tips.

Essential Skills to Unlock

Navigating Eve's skill trees effectively can significantly enhance your gameplay. Let’s break down the top skills you should prioritize:

  1. Ambush (Attack Tree, 1 Skill Point) - This skill allows Eve to perform a one-hit stealth kill from behind, perfect for quickly eliminating tough enemies quietly.

  2. Beta Energy Recharge (Attack Tree, 1 Skill Point) - Enhances the rate at which you gain Beta Energy during combat, crucial for executing powerful Beta skills more frequently.

  3. Infinite Rush (Attack Tree, 2 Skill Points) - Upgrades Eve’s Rush move, increasing both range and power, making it an indispensable move for closing distances and initiating combat.

  4. Shield Breaker (Beta Tree, 1 Skill Point) - A versatile kick that not only stuns enemies but also damages their shields, making it easier to breach their defenses.

  5. Shock Wave (Beta Tree, 1 Skill Point) - Projects blade beams to deal damage both up-close and from a distance, offering a flexible offensive tactic.

  6. Blink (Survival Tree, 1 Skill Point) - Enables Eve to teleport behind enemies to evade blue lethal attacks, adding a strategic layer to combat.

  7. Focus Boost (Survival Tree, 2 Skill Points) - Makes the Perfect Parry easier to execute, which is crucial for mastering defensive maneuvers.

  8. Perfect Dodge (Survival Tree, 1 Skill Point) - Allows Eve to evade attacks perfectly, and when followed up with a counterattack, it can turn the tide of battle.

  9. Reflection (Survival Tree, 1 Skill Point) - Enhances the counterattack following a Perfect Dodge, dealing more damage and stunning the enemy.

  10. Reflex Boost (Survival Tree, 2 Skill Points) - Simplifies the execution of Perfect Dodge, crucial for avoiding high-damage strikes.

  11. Repulse (Survival Tree, 1 Skill Point) - A skill to dodge purple lethal attacks effectively, providing an opportunity to counter from a distance.

  12. Threat Detection (Survival Tree, 2 Skill Points) - Increases the effectiveness of Blink and Repulse, essential for evading deadly attacks.

Game Settings and Tips

Before diving into the action, adjusting your game settings can enhance your experience:

  • Turn on Auto Loot: By default, this setting is off. Activating it ensures you automatically pick up items without needing to do so manually.

  • Keep an Eye Out for Cans: These optional collectibles unlock perks and bonuses, including a special Nano Suit for Eve once all are collected.

  • Always Use the Scan Feature: This prevents missing out on essential items like cans or chests, which are crucial for progression and obtaining rare collectibles.

Resetting Skills

An often-overlooked feature in Stellar Blade is the ability to reset skills at any time. This allows players to experiment with different abilities without penalty, adapting their strategy as their play style evolves.


Stellar Blade offers a deeply engaging combat experience with a variety of skills that can be tailored to enhance your gameplay style. By prioritizing these top skills and adjusting your game settings accordingly, you'll be well on your way to mastering Eve and saving Earth from the clutches of the Naytibas. Whether you're battling through main objectives or exploring side quests, these tips will help you optimize your journey in this thrilling new action game.


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