The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Side Quests and Adventures Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Side Quests and Adventures Guide

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players are treated to a vibrant, expansive world brimming with challenges and discoveries. Beyond the main narrative, the game offers a rich tapestry of Side Quests and Side Adventures, allowing you to delve deeper into the mysteries of Hyrule. This guide outlines the variety of optional missions available in the game, providing insights into both the adventures and quests to help players maximize their experience.

Understanding Side Quests and Side Adventures

Side Quests are typically shorter missions with straightforward objectives such as item collection or minor task completions. These are perfect for quick gameplay sessions or as additional activities between major storyline events.

Side Adventures, in contrast, are more intricate and involve multiple objectives. These often tie into broader story arcs and can involve extensive interactions with multiple characters and overlapping questlines.

Tracking and Initiating Quests

Players can manage their quests through Link's Adventure Log. Quests often begin by interacting with NPCs marked with a red exclamation mark (!). Some quests, however, might require specific actions or conditions to be met before they are unveiled.

Accessibility of Quests

Not all quests are immediately available. Many unlock as you progress through the main story, often after completing dungeons or when exploring major towns.

Detailed Lists of Side Quests and Adventures

Here's a detailed guide to the Side Quests and Side Adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, complete with lists and descriptions to help players navigate the expansive world of Hyrule.

List of Side Adventures

Side Adventures involve complex objectives and are often interconnected with multiple questlines and characters. Here's a detailed list of Side Adventures available in the game:

Side Adventure NameStarting Settlement / RegionQuest GiverReward
Hateno Village Research LabLookout Landing, Central HyruleRobbieShrine Sensor
Filling Out the CompendiumHateno Village, East NecludaRobbieRobbie's Fabric
Presenting: The Travel Medallion!Hateno Village, East NecludaRobbieTravel Medallion
Presenting: Hero's Path Mode!Hateno Village, East NecludaRobbieHero's Path Mode
Presenting: Sensor +!Hateno Village, East NecludaRobbieSensor +
Mattison's IndependenceTarrey Town, AkkalaHudson200 Rupees
A Letter to KoyinHateno Village's Lake SumacKoyinHateno Cheese
A New Signature FoodHateno Village, East NecludaReede100 Rupees
Reede's SecretHateno Village, East NecludaClavia10 x Hylian Tomatoes
Cece's SecretHateno Village, East NecludaSophie10 x Ironshrooms
Team Cece or Team Reede?Hateno Village Clothing ShopCeceUse of Clothing Shop
The Mayoral ElectionHateno Village, East NecludaCece and ReedeCece hat
Ruffian-Infested VillageSifimum Shrine, East NecludaRozelLurelin Village Restored

List of Side Quests

Side Quests are usually shorter and involve simpler objectives. Here is the list of Side Quests along with where they start and the rewards they offer:

Side Quest NameStarting Settlement / RegionQuest GiverReward
Spotting SpotLookout Landing, Central HyruleLester50 Rupees, Swift Carrot
Village Attacked by PiratesLookout Landing, Central HyruleGariniMighty Salt-Grilled Crab
Today's MenuLookout Landing, Central HyruleBurmanoFruit and Mushroom Mix
The Incomplete StableLookout Landing, Central HyruleKarsonMini Stable
WANTED: Stone TalusLookout Landing, Central HyruleGralens100 Rupees
WANTED: MoldugaLookout Landing, Central HyruleGralens100 Rupees
WANTED: HinoxLookout Landing, Central HyruleGralens100 Rupees
Unknown Sky GiantLookout Landing, Central HyruleGralens100 Rupees
Unknown Three-Headed MonsterLookout Landing, Central HyruleGralens100 Rupees
Unknown Huge SilhouetteLookout Landing, Central HyruleGralens100 Rupees
The Horse Guard's RequestOutskirt Stable, Central HyruleToffa100 Rupees, Pony Point

How to Access and Complete Quests

  1. Locate Quest Givers: Look for NPCs with a red exclamation mark (!) above their heads.
  2. Check Conditions: Some quests require specific conditions to be met, such as completing a dungeon.
  3. Adventure Log: Use Link's Adventure Log to track your progress and understand quest requirements.
  4. Plan Your Route: Efficiently plan quests that are close together to save time and resources.

Community Engagement

Interacting with the Zelda community can provide additional insights, tips, and even secrets that enhance your gameplay experience.


Whether you're engaging in quick Side Quests or delving into the expansive Side Adventures, Tears of the Kingdom offers a diverse range of activities that cater to all types of players, enriching your experience in the magical world of Hyrule.

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