XDefiant: How to Level Up Fast

XDefiant: How to Level Up Fast

XDefiant, like many shooter games, features an XP system that allows players to acquire new weapons, factions, characters, and other in-game items. However, many community members have been dissatisfied with the game's sluggish leveling mechanism. Gaining more XP and leveling up quickly is essential for obtaining new weapons and characters and unlocking additional weapon attachments that make the weapons far more powerful than their primary model. With so many weapons, characters, and attachments available in the game, understanding how to level up quickly is critical to gaining an advantage over your opponents.

How to Level Up Your Weapons Faster

The leveling method for weapons in XDefiant is simple: the more kills you get with the gun, the faster the level grows. Increasing weapon XP is vital for unlocking new gun attachments. While you could get by with the primary attachments as a beginner, as you level up and your competition becomes harder, these additional attachments can be very helpful.

Use Weapon XP Boosters
If you're annoyed with the slow rate at which your weapon level increases in-game, XP boosters are there to help you. To commemorate the game's launch, XDefiant has begun running a double XP weekend, during which the XP you receive from each match is automatically doubled. Additionally, you can also use Weapon XP Boosters, which last about 20 minutes after activation.

“After beginning the game, each player will get x5 Weapon XP Boosters; extra boosters may be obtained for free through Twitch Drop prizes and future promotional events. Additionally, if you purchase the Battle Pass, you will also receive XP boosts through it.”

Play Factions With Aggressive Playstyle
Each faction has a specific type of playstyle that suits them. For example, factions like Libertad are best suited to a passive playstyle because their abilities let them heal themselves and their teams without dealing any damage to their enemies.

On the other side, factions like Echelon are ideal for players with an aggressive playstyle since they supply useful intel or allow them to conceal themselves and push into opponents quickly. Cleaners are particularly well-suited for aggressive gunfights since their passive ability, Incendiary Round, may inflict burn damage on enemies, making them vulnerable to an attack.

“To get the most kills per match, ensure you are playing a faction character that can assist you in getting more kills and provide opportunities for aggressive plays.”

Aim to Get the Highest Kill
It is almost self-explanatory that the more kills you get with a specific weapon, the more XP it will earn, and the faster you can level up to unlock new attachments. To level up your weapons faster, always play aggressively and try to achieve as many kills as possible in each match.

“Stick to one weapon if you want to level up quickly, and continue playing longer game types like Escort or Occupy to gain more kills. Multiple kills and kill streaks might earn you more XP, making it simpler to level up.”

How to Level Up Your Account Fast

To level up your account, you must gain XP in XDefiant, which may be accomplished in a variety of ways. Although playing more matches is the simplest method to level up your account, there are certain strategies that can help you get there faster.

Complete All Challenges
Completing all of the major, base, and daily challenges is the most efficient method to obtain XP and unlock new weapons, devices, and faction characters. Once accomplished, these challenges might provide you with a lot of XP.

“Major challenges unlock new factions; basic challenges unlock new weapons, devices, and faction characters; and daily challenges allow you to farm more XP. Daily objectives are reset every 24 hours, and you will be provided with three challenges each day, with the potential to earn over 20k XP.”

Play Specific Match Modes
Another effective strategy to level up your XDefiant account quickly is to play certain game modes, particularly ones that require players to focus on objectives to win.

“Escort is an excellent game mode that allows players to get substantial XP. It is one of the longest game modes in XDefiant, allowing you more time to acquire kills and gain more XP to level up your account and weaponry.”

Besides Escort, you can also play Occupy, Domination, or Zone Control, which are great game modes to farm extra kills and objective points.

Three Tips to Rank Up Fast in XDefiant

Ranking up in XDefiant can sometimes feel as if it takes days. With 24 weapons to max out and 100 levels for each, it can feel extremely tedious at times. However, these tips can help you rank up fast, level weapons quicker than ever, and even boost your battle pass.

Complete Challenges
Completing challenges is one of the best ways to rank up fast in XDefiant. Challenges sometimes fly under the radar, but they reward a ton of XP and can help a lot in speeding up the leveling process.

Play Objective Game Modes
Objective-based game modes are perfect if you’re looking to rank up fast in XDefiant. Escort is by far the best game mode to rank up fast as if you play the objective well, you’ll earn XP almost every second. Zone Control and Occupy are also great options for earning maximum XP.

Use XP Boosts
XP Boosts are possibly the best way to earn XP fast in XDefiant. XP Boosts will double your XP gain at the end of every match. They can also boost your Battle Pass XP gain too! However, they are limited so you won’t be able to constantly have a Boost active.

“As this is the first weekend of XDefiant’s launch, there is an active Double Weapon XP weekend. This is active until 10am PT on Tuesday, May 28, so make sure to take advantage and hop on this weekend.”

By following these tips and strategies, you can level up quickly in XDefiant, unlocking new weapons, characters, and attachments that will give you an edge over your opponents. Happy gaming!


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