Resident Evil 7 is Coming to More Platforms on July 2

Resident Evil 7 is Coming to More Platforms on July 2

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be available on Apple platforms starting July 2, marking a significant expansion of the franchise's accessibility. This move underscores Capcom’s commitment to making their iconic games more accessible to gamers on the go.

Expanding the Horror Experience

Originally released in 2017, Resident Evil 7 introduced a new protagonist, Ethan Winters, and a terrifying new storyline involving the Baker family. Set in an abandoned rural estate in Louisiana, the game shifted the series' focus to a first-person perspective, offering a fresh and immersive horror experience. The Bakers, infected by the bio-organic weapon Eveline, presented players with a new level of grotesque and relentless enemies.

"Resident Evil 7 introduces the Baker family, who live on an abandoned rural estate in Louisiana. They are infected by the Mold, which is in fact a bio-organic weapon known as Eveline that presents itself as a young girl."

Coming to Apple Devices

Starting July 2, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices equipped with M-series chips or later. This marks a new era for the franchise's accessibility, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go with advanced console-mimicking UI and HD graphics. Capcom has also confirmed that Resident Evil 2 is in development for iOS, with potential plans for Resident Evil Village to follow.

"Capcom also confirmed that iPhone, iPad, and iMac versions of Resident Evil 2 are in development. Resident Evil 7 will release on iOS devices on July 2 with an advanced console-mimicking UI and HD graphics."

DLCs and Enhanced Features

The iOS and macOS versions of Resident Evil 7 will include the main game along with the Not A Hero story DLC, where Chris Redfield is on a mission to put the case to rest. Additionally, players can access the Gold Edition upgrade, which includes various optional DLCs like End of Zoe, Banned Footage Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, the 5-Coin Set, Survival Pack, and the Madhouse difficulty mode. These versions will support touchscreen controls and a new Auto Fire feature, making the game more approachable for mobile users.

"The new iOS release will support touchscreen controls and a new Auto Fire feature, which Capcom says will give players 'an approachable option to automatically fire weapons after aiming at enemies for a set period of time.'"

The Future of Resident Evil on Mobile

Capcom’s expansion into mobile platforms doesn't stop with Resident Evil 7. The success of these ports could lead to a broader library of Resident Evil games becoming available on mobile. Following the successful launch of Resident Evil Village on Apple devices last October, Capcom seems poised to bring more of its iconic titles to a new audience.

"If mobile users are satisfied with Capcom's efforts at porting the game to iOS devices, it might not be long before Resident Evil Village makes the jump to iOS as well."

Preorders and Cross-Progression

Preorders for Resident Evil 7 on iOS are available starting today on the Apple App Store. One purchase will be valid across all your Apple devices, with support for cross-progression, allowing seamless transition between playing on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

"You can preorder Resident Evil 7 in the Apple App Store starting today, and one purchase is good for all your Apple devices. (There’s even support for cross-progression.)"


Capcom’s initiative to bring Resident Evil 7 to Apple devices signifies a pivotal step in making high-quality, immersive gaming experiences more accessible. By leveraging the power of modern mobile hardware, Capcom ensures that players can enjoy the intense horror and engaging gameplay of Resident Evil wherever they are. With plans to expand this accessibility to other titles in the franchise, the future looks bright for mobile gaming enthusiasts and Resident Evil fans alike.

For more updates on Resident Evil 7 and other Capcom announcements, stay tuned.

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