Kai Cenat Completes Epic 167-Hour Elden Ring Marathon After 1,701 Deaths

Kai Cenat Completes Epic 167-Hour Elden Ring Marathon After 1,701 Deaths

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has achieved a remarkable feat by completing his Elden Ring marathon after 167 grueling hours and 1,701 deaths. The marathon, which began on May 10, 2024, drew massive attention from the streaming community, culminating in a triumphant victory over the game’s final boss, Elden Beast.

A Marathon of Epic Proportions

Kai Cenat’s marathon was no ordinary gaming session. It was a test of endurance and skill, with Cenat vowing to continue playing until he beat the game. His determination paid off, as he finally defeated Elden Beast after an intense week-long journey.

“Since the release of this season, I have played more than I slept lol,” wrote one fan on the subreddit, reflecting the marathon’s impact.

The Challenge and Triumph

The marathon wasn't without its hurdles. Cenat faced numerous roadblocks, including the notoriously difficult Malenia, which took him 30 hours and 433 deaths to conquer. The challenge was so great that many doubted he would finish the game.

"In the chaos of rebellion, a vital mission emerges: secure a data stick essential for the empire's future, hidden deep within enemy lines.”

Despite the setbacks, Cenat persevered. His journey saw him overcome the Tree Sentinel after six hours and 123 deaths, and eventually, he triumphed over Elden Beast. His victory was met with jubilant celebrations and an outpouring of support from his followers.

Emotional Victory

The final moments of the marathon were emotional, with Cenat collapsing on the floor in tears after defeating the final boss. Clips of his victory went viral, showcasing his genuine excitement and relief.

“YES! Oh my god!” Cenat screamed as he defeated Elden Beast, marking the end of his arduous journey.

Impact on the Streaming Community

Cenat's marathon had a significant impact on the streaming community. His stream attracted over 250,000 concurrent viewers on the final day, and his perseverance and dedication were lauded by veteran content creators like Ninja.

"Diablo 4 is finally the phenomenal action RPG I wanted it to be," proclaimed PC Gamer’s Tyler Colp. "Diablo 4 is finally great," wrote Polygon’s Oli Welsh.

Technical and Graphical Enhancements

Adding to the excitement of the marathon, Elden Ring has recently received a graphical update with patch 1.3.5, introducing ray tracing for enhanced shadows and reflections, further immersing players in the game’s dark and detailed world.

“Ray tracing produces more lifelike reflections on surfaces like a still pond or a broad mirror.”

Cenat’s Message to Fans

As the credits rolled, Cenat addressed his audience with a heartfelt speech, thanking them for their support throughout the marathon.

"They said we couldn't do it, bro. Try after try I gave it my all. I sat down here, slept on a mattress bed every single day. Spent 20 hours on Malenia, 500 deaths. Did not give up one time, bro. Not one time I gave up. I kept going, and I kept learning and kept doing."

Future Endeavors

Cenat’s marathon has not only solidified his status as a dedicated and tenacious streamer but also sparked a resurgence in Elden Ring’s popularity. With the upcoming "Shadow of the Erdtree" DLC set to release on June 21, Cenat has vowed to return for another round of epic gameplay.

"If there's one thing that you learned from watching this, bro, do not give up, bro. Listen to me. DLC? We're playing," Cenat declared.


Kai Cenat's 167-hour Elden Ring marathon stands as a testament to his perseverance and passion for gaming. His journey through the challenging world of Elden Ring has captivated and inspired his audience, proving that with determination, even the toughest games can be conquered.

"This game is cinema... I literally enjoyed every boss battle... I don't know what game compares to this now. This is absolute cinema," Cenat concluded, celebrating his monumental achievement.

With the success of this marathon, Kai Cenat has not only completed a personal challenge but also set a new standard for dedication and resilience in the streaming world.


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