Frostpunk 2 Delayed to September 20 Following Beta Feedback

Frostpunk 2 Delayed to September 20 Following Beta Feedback

11 Bit Studios Pushes Release Date to Ensure Best Possible Experience

Frostpunk 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the narrative-driven city-builder, has been delayed. Initially slated for release on July 25, the game will now launch on September 20, 2024. The delay comes as a result of feedback from a recent beta test, prompting developer 11 Bit Studios to take extra time to address player concerns and polish the game further.

In a press release, design director Jakub Stokalski and art director Lukasz Juszczyk explained the reasoning behind the delay. "Based on the surveys we received after playing Beta, the average rating you gave us was 8 out of 10. We’re super grateful for that! At the same time, it was only a small slice of a work-in-progress, still-growing game. While our backlog is plentiful, it was an opportunity for us to listen to what you enjoyed, and what didn’t quite land yet," they stated.

"This allowed us to prioritise things better, and bring upfront the features and modifications we were already working on. But we also realised that to guarantee the best possible experience on launch, we need more time to finish the development of Frostpunk 2. That’s why we made the difficult decision to postpone its release to September 20th, 2024," they added.

Beta Feedback and Planned Enhancements

The feedback from the beta highlighted several areas for improvement, including the game's mechanics and user interface. The developers have outlined specific enhancements they plan to implement before the new release date:

  • New Additions to Game Mechanics: The team is working on integrating new features that will enrich the gameplay experience.
  • UI and UX Improvements: Extensive enhancements to the user interface and user experience are being prioritized to ensure smoother and more intuitive gameplay.
  • Zoom Stories: A new city feature that allows players to zoom in on specific parts of the city to observe the day-to-day life of their citizens, a feature requested by many beta testers.

"We know that this is not the news you wanted to hear," the studio acknowledged. "However, we believe that these additional features are something you deserve to see in-game from day one, not in a patch added after the release."

Player Understanding and Future Updates

The developers expressed hope that the community would understand the need for this delay. "That’s why we hope these few weeks of additional waiting time that we need to implement all the new features will be met with your understanding and won’t test your patience too much," Stokalski and Juszczyk said.

From now until the release, 11 Bit Studios plans to share behind-the-scenes updates, allowing players to see the progress being made on the new features and enhancements.

Release Details

Frostpunk 2 will launch first for PC on September 20, 2024. Versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are planned to arrive later. The game is set 30 years after an apocalyptic blizzard has transformed Earth into a harsh, icy wasteland, continuing the brutal and captivating narrative that fans of the original game have come to love.

The additional development time aims to ensure that players receive a well-polished, engaging experience from the very first day.

For more updates and details about Frostpunk 2’s development, keep an eye on 11 Bit Studios’ official channels and stay tuned for further announcements.

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