Tenebris: Terra Incognita - A Dark Turn-Based Tactical RPG by Phantasmica Studio

Tenebris: Terra Incognita - A Dark Turn-Based Tactical RPG by Phantasmica Studio

Phantasmica Studio is excited to announce the upcoming release of Tenebris: Terra Incognita, a complex turn-based tactical RPG set in a grim science fiction universe. Players will embark on a harsh journey through the uncharted planet Tenebris, a world teeming with terrifying monsters and countless secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Early Access Release Date: September 30, 2024
Demo 2.0 Release Date: A few weeks prior to Early Access, on Steam

Explore a Dangerous Planet

In Tenebris: Terra Incognita, players will explore the unforgiving terrain of the planet Tenebris, battling fearsome creatures and navigating through perilous environments. The primary mission is to rescue the human expedition from the crashed ship, Solaris, overcoming serious obstacles along the way.

Assemble Your Squad

Players will have the opportunity to experiment with talent builds for 23 unique heroes. The game emphasizes strategic depth, allowing players to combine abilities with equipment and other characters to create powerful synergies. Assembling a versatile and balanced squad will be key to survival and success in this harsh world.

Key Features:

  • Complex Turn-Based Combat: Experience tactical gameplay that requires careful planning and strategic thinking.
  • 23 Heroes with Unique Talents: Experiment with different talent builds to find the perfect combination for your squad.
  • Equipment and Ability Synergies: Combine abilities with equipment and other characters to maximize your squad's potential.
  • Dark Science Fiction Setting: Immerse yourself in a grim and atmospheric world filled with danger and mystery.
  • Challenging Gameplay: Prepare for a hardcore tactical RPG experience that will test your skills and strategy.

About Phantasmica Studio

Phantasmica Studio is dedicated to creating hardcore tactical RPGs that challenge players and offer deep, engaging gameplay experiences. Tenebris: Terra Incognita is their latest project, promising a rich and immersive journey through a dark and dangerous world.

"We are thrilled to bring Tenebris: Terra Incognita to life," says the team at Phantasmica Studio. "Our goal is to create a game that not only challenges players but also immerses them in a compelling science fiction narrative."

Join the Adventure

Prepare to explore the mysteries of Tenebris and rescue the stranded expedition. Tenebris: Terra Incognita promises to be a thrilling and challenging tactical RPG that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Stay tuned for the release of Demo 2.0 on Steam in the coming weeks and mark your calendars for the Early Access launch on September 30, 2024.

For more information and updates, follow Phantasmica Studio on social media and check out the game's Steam page.

Get Ready for a Hardcore Tactical RPG Experience in Tenebris: Terra Incognita!

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