Diablo IV: Loot Reborn Update Transforms the Game Experience

Diablo IV: Loot Reborn Update Transforms the Game Experience

Diablo IV has just received a major update, dubbed "Loot Reborn," that has revitalized the game and drawn praise from players. The update, while not a complete overhaul, has significantly improved the action-RPG’s loot and endgame, making grinding and Helltides more enjoyable.

“Since the release of this season, I have played more than I slept lol,” wrote one fan on the subreddit.

Loot Reborn: A New Era for Diablo IV

Season 4 went live earlier this week, bringing a host of improvements. Key among these is the revamping of the Codex of Power and enhancements to Helltide events, making them bloodier and more rewarding. Permanent unlocks, streamlined customization, and more meaningful loot progression have also been introduced, making the endgame more nuanced and less tedious.

"Diablo 4 is finally the phenomenal action RPG I wanted it to be," proclaimed PC Gamer’s Tyler Colp. "Diablo 4 is finally great," wrote Polygon’s Oli Welsh.

Visual Enhancements with Ray Tracing

On March 26, wanderers can conquer the horrors of Hell with a suite of new graphical enhancements available to them with patch 1.3.5. Arriving alongside the next content update, Sanctuary will be further imbued with luscious shadows and enhanced reflections of ray tracing, plus other visual enhancements.

"Ray tracing produces more lifelike reflections on surfaces like a still pond or a broad mirror."

Quality-of-Life Improvements and Customization

The update also allows players to respec traits and change their appearance when starting New Game Plus. Additionally, players can now customize the interior of their ships, decorating existing modules or starting from scratch with new empty hab modules.

"You can now customize the interior of your ship much as you would an outpost, making it feel more like a home base."

Difficulty Options and Gameplay Tweaks

The gameplay options have been expanded to include new difficulty settings and survival options. Players can adjust the difficulty of space and ground combat separately, increase vendor credits, carry capacity, and toggle various survival effects.

"In the gameplay options tab, you can now increase vendor credits and carry capacity, access your ship cargo through your inventory, and toggle several survival effects like food and environmental hazards."

Rollback of Controversial Changes

Blizzard has responded to player feedback by rolling back some controversial changes from the recent patch. Notably, the level requirement for World Tiers III and IV has been removed.

"I want to be grateful, but it was a silly change in the first place. I don’t want to commend the arsonist for putting out their own fire," says NoAstronomer9850.

Underwhelming Sorcerer Buffs

Despite the extensive changes, some players remain dissatisfied, particularly with the underwhelming buffs to the Sorcerer class. The updates have not significantly improved the class's viability in post-campaign scenarios, leaving players to rely on the same old builds.

"The problem with the Sorcerer lies in its fundamentals since most of its Basic and Core skills largely fall off the farther you get into the game."

Diablo IV on PlayStation Cloud Gaming

In an interesting development, Diablo IV is now available on PlayStation Cloud Gaming, making it the first Activision/Blizzard title to get PS5 Cloud Gaming support. This allows PS5 console owners to stream the game, although the service is still limited to PS5 devices.

"Diablo IV can be streamed from the cloud via GeForce NOW and Boosteroid already, but it can’t yet be streamed from Microsoft’s own Xbox Cloud Gaming service."


The latest update for Diablo IV has brought much-needed improvements, addressing player concerns and enhancing the overall experience. With new visual enhancements, quality-of-life improvements, and the ability to customize gameplay settings, Diablo IV is closer to the game fans always wanted it to be.

"This update is live now, so if you want to dive back into Diablo IV and see what's changed first-hand, you can."

For more details, you can read the full patch notes on Blizzard’s official page here.

Diablo IV continues to evolve, and with future updates promising even more enhancements, the game is set to keep players engaged and excited for what's to come.

Diablo 4 is Finally the Phenomenal Action RPG I Wanted It to Be

You're not supposed to defeat a boss 20 levels higher than you in most RPGs, let alone Diablo 4. I just did, alongside an army of skeletons, in its most pivotal season yet. It wasn't particularly hard to pull off, but it would've taken a game-breaking exploit to do it a year ago. Diablo 4 Season 4—and its massive list of permanent changes to the game—has finally made it into the action RPG I'd always hoped it would be.

There are 10,000 lines of patch notes to read if you want, but the gist of the update is that every class is exponentially more flexible than they were before. Necromancers have long suffered a life with skeletal minions who fall apart as soon as you enter a room. Now, they're effectively wearing the same armor as you are, which has made them so powerful that I've pulled a speedrunner move and sequence-broke the normal route through the game.

The Diablo 4 that released a little under a year ago wouldn't have allowed that to happen. The design emphasized moment-to-moment combat: evading out of attacks and careful ability usage. Loot was weighed down by a number of stats that didn't mean anything and were unintuitive to build a character around. Why would anyone want to be really good at dealing damage to enemies only when they're about to die? While it felt good to dodge-roll like I was playing Dark Souls, finding good loot—in a game all about it—was like solving riddles.

That era of Diablo 4 is finally over. It's no longer precious about a healthy balance between mechanical skill and powerful gear. You have control over that now as you pick and choose between loot with stats that clearly synergize with your skills. Within a few hours of starting Season 4, I was torn between adding a stat onto my necklace that made my minions stronger or one that made me run faster. It only makes a small difference in the early levels, but it's a choice that forces you to think about what kind of character you want to be and how you'll have to play around what you're giving up.

It's the season of the necromancers and their undead armies, so I juiced up my boys in bone. It stung a little bit to not have that boost in movement speed, but my stronger minions trivialized the boss I wasn't supposed to kill at such a low level. There were a few close-calls where a little extra speed would've let me walk out of a telegraphed attack, but while I focused on that, my skeletons demolished the boss in under a minute.

Diablo is Finally Back

A good action RPG should let you feel like you're breaking the rules and give you plenty of opportunities to change your mind on how you want to do it. Season 4's focus on Helltide, open-world events that dump high-level demons into a region every hour, is built to surprise you. Helltides have always been Diablo 4's best feature: They bathe an entire area of the map in blood and possess NPCs in nearby towns to get on their knees and worship the demons. Monsters are everywhere and are always slightly higher level than you, making Helltides just tough enough to keep your attention as you roam around collecting currency to open loot chests.

Season 4 lacks a unique mechanic that empowers your character, like the robot spider from Season 3 or the vampiric powers in Season 2. Instead, your job is to help a group of mercenaries from Diablo 2 defend themselves from the Blood Maiden, a new summonable boss in Helltide. Your reward is a bunch of caches filled with gear that you'd normally find at max level. I got my hands on a ring that automatically casts Corpse Explosion and a few other abilities on my necromancer. I wasn't planning on using that skill, but when life hands you an absurdly powerful unique item, you change your plans and make use of it while you can.

Overall, the latest update for Diablo IV has brought the game closer to the action RPG fans always wanted it to be. With new visual enhancements, quality-of-life improvements, and the ability to customize gameplay settings, Diablo IV is set to keep players engaged and excited for what's to come.


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