After Helldivers 2’s Huge Success, Arrowhead Aspires to Become the Next Blizzard or FromSoftware

After Helldivers 2’s Huge Success, Arrowhead Aspires to Become the Next Blizzard or FromSoftware

Arrowhead Games has made a bold declaration following the massive success of Helldivers 2. With the game breaking records and selling 12 million copies in just 12 weeks, the developer has set its sights on becoming a powerhouse in the gaming industry, akin to Blizzard and FromSoftware.

A New Vision for Arrowhead

In an interview with, former CEO and now Chief Creative Officer Johan Pilestedt, alongside new CEO Shams Jorjani, outlined their ambitions for Arrowhead. Despite their aspirations, they have no plans to sell the company, emphasizing their commitment to independence and creative freedom.

"We pride ourselves on being an independent studio," Pilestedt said. "We have to see what the future holds, but there’s nothing in the plans where we want to be acquired by somebody. I want to see how high we can fly."

Jorjani echoed this sentiment, highlighting their goal to create a flagship studio known for exceptional co-op games.

"The goal of the studio is to make really great co-op games. We want Arrowhead to be a place where people say, ‘I want to work there,’ just as we once wanted to work at Blizzard."

The Success of Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 has become PlayStation's fastest-selling game, outpacing giants like God of War and Spider-Man. This success is attributed to several factors, including its live service model, affordable price point, and unique game mechanics.

"If you’re a game designer, you’ll point to the systematic nature of the game. If you’re an artist, you’ll talk about the day and night cycle, the destructible environments, and the beautiful worlds," Pilestedt explained. "It’s the balance between all these elements."

Innovative Game Design

One standout feature of Helldivers 2 is its commitment to mechanics not commonly seen in other games. For instance, the game has always-on friendly fire, placing the responsibility of not harming teammates on the players.

"With Helldivers, we made the strong decision that we’re not going to go with the status quo," Pilestedt noted. "We’re going to place ourselves outside of that by making a lot of mechanics that are generally not seen in games."

Managing Success and Challenges

With success comes challenges. Arrowhead has had to deal with server issues and community management, particularly addressing toxicity within the player base.

"The big difference now, which is horrifying, is the amount of threats and rude behavior that people in the studio are getting from some really shitty individuals within the community," Pilestedt shared. "That’s something new we have to deal with."

Despite these challenges, Arrowhead remains committed to engaging with its community and improving the game.

"We had the horrible launch of Magicka, which was really buggy, and me and Shams recognized that we had to interact with the community, talk to them in an honest way, and take action immediately to resolve the issues," Pilestedt said.

Looking Forward

As Arrowhead looks to the future, the focus is on measured growth. The company aims to expand its team and capabilities without compromising its core values or becoming a massive corporate entity.

"We will see growth, but growth as a means to an end, not as an end itself," Jorjani stated. "We don’t have plans to go public. None of those shenanigans. Measured growth that allows us to make amazing games and be a good place to work."

Pilestedt concluded with a reaffirmation of their mission:

"We don’t run the business for monetary gain. The humbleness and the desire to just make great games is the only reason we exist."


Arrowhead's ambitions to become the next Blizzard or FromSoftware are rooted in a passion for creating great games and a commitment to their community and independence. With the success of Helldivers 2, they are well on their way to achieving these lofty goals. The future looks bright for Arrowhead as they navigate the challenges of growth and continue to deliver exceptional gaming experiences.


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