Telltale Games Offers Update on "The Wolf Among Us 2" Following Development Challenges

Telltale Games Offers Update on "The Wolf Among Us 2" Following Development Challenges

After a period of relative silence, Telltale Games has released new insights into the development of "The Wolf Among Us 2", sharing four new screenshots and reassuring fans that the project is actively progressing. This update comes amid previous concerns regarding development delays and layoffs within the company.

"The Wolf Among Us 2", a sequel to the acclaimed 2013 narrative adventure game, is based on Bill Willingham's popular Fables comic book series. The game was initially announced in 2019 after Telltale Games was revived under new management, following its closure in 2018. The sequel was highly anticipated following a trailer released in 2022, but concerns grew as its 2023 release was postponed to 2024 to allow the development team to shift from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5 without the need for crunch.

In a recent statement on their community messageboard, Telltale addressed the delay: "We've been quiet because we've been heads down, focusing on the promise of The Wolf Among Us 2. While we can't give a big update yet, here's a little something for you: in-progress shots from the current build. The work continues. The Fabletown gang will be back. Thanks for being fans."

Geoff Keighley, host of The Game Awards, also shared the images on Twitter, which sparked a mixed reaction due to his wording, suggesting the game was "now in production". This phrasing was considered misleading by some, given the game's long and public development history. Telltale reiterated that the game was still on track, despite not offering a precise release date, maintaining only a general target of 2024.

This update follows a turbulent period for Telltale Games, which included layoffs in October last year that fueled rumors of a second shutdown. However, the studio confirmed that all projects were still in production, quelling fears about the potential cancellation of "The Wolf Among Us 2".

Fans of the series remain hopeful as Telltale continues to work towards completing the sequel, promising further updates as development progresses. The new screenshots serve as a teaser of what's to come, featuring the dark, stylized aesthetic that fans expect from the Fabletown universe.

For more information and a first look at the new screenshots, visit Geoff Keighley’s Twitter post at:

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