Assassin's Creed Shadows: A Deep Dive into Ubisoft's Latest Open-World Adventure

Assassin's Creed Shadows: A Deep Dive into Ubisoft's Latest Open-World Adventure

Ubisoft Unveils New Details about Assassin's Creed Shadows

Ubisoft's highly anticipated title, Assassin's Creed Shadows, is set to launch on November 15, 2024, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Amazon Luna. This new installment takes players to feudal Japan, featuring dual protagonists: Naoe, a fictional shinobi, and Yasuke, a real-life historical samurai. In a recent video, Game Director Charles Benoit and Associate Narrative Director Brooke Davies detailed the unique gameplay and narrative elements these characters bring to the table.

The Setting

Assassin's Creed Shadows is set during the Azuchi-Momoyama period of Japanese history, beginning in 1579. This era marks a pivotal moment, blending the chaos of the Sengoku period with the cultural bloom preceding the Edo period. Historical figures such as Oda Nobunaga and Fujibayashi Nagato play significant roles, immersing players in a rich historical context.

Dual Protagonists

- The fictional daughter of Fujibayashi Nagato, Naoe is trained as a shinobi.
- Specializes in stealth and agility, utilizing a grappling hook for dynamic movement and parkour.

- Based on the real historical figure, Yasuke, the first African samurai.
- Emphasizes combat prowess with abilities to block and parry, unlike Naoe who relies on deflections.

“Yasuke ties together many powerful figures in our era, connecting Oda Nobunaga and the Portuguese,” says Brooke Davies.

Stealth and Parkour

The game introduces a new global illumination system that dynamically affects light and shadow, crucial for the stealth mechanics. Players can hide in shadows, extinguish light sources, and utilize a light meter to gauge their concealment.

  • New Features:
  • Prone position for low-profile movement.
  • Knockout options for non-lethal takedowns.
  • Grappling hook for Naoe, allowing for dynamic swings and ceiling traversals.

“Parkour and stealth are core to the Assassin's Creed experience,” adds Jonathan Dumont, the game's Creative Director.

Combat and RPG Systems

Combat in Shadows is more dynamic, reflecting the era's lack of shields and the importance of dodges and positioning. The game features destructible environments, with every weapon leaving realistic damage marks.

  • Weapons and Skills:
  • A variety of period-accurate weapons, including katanas, kanabō clubs, yari spears, shuriken, and the kusarigama.
  • Yasuke has access to arquebus rifles, offering long-range options.
  • Each weapon has its own skill tree, enhancing proficiency with use.
  • Players can craft and personalize katanas.

“We want combat to feel spectacular, with realistic destructibility and a focus on samurai duels,” says Benoit.

Dynamic World and Seasons

Built on an upgraded Anvil engine, the game features a dynamic season system affecting gameplay and the environment.

  • Seasonal Changes:
  • Spring and summer provide foliage for hiding, while autumn and winter remove these, affecting stealth routes.
  • Weather conditions impact visibility and sound, with storms masking footsteps and altering enemy behavior.

“Players will have to adapt constantly to the environment’s changes,” explains Dumont.

Non-Linear Campaign

The campaign is designed to be non-linear, focusing on hunting targets in any order. This approach aims to create a more immersive and autonomous player experience.

  • Quest Structure:
  • Main quests can be completed as either protagonist, with character-specific missions for Yasuke and Naoe.
  • Side quests and world activities include exploring castles, temples, and shrines.
  • A spy network allows players to gather intelligence on targets.

“We aim to create a rewarding journey with more player autonomy and less reliance on map icons,” says Dumont.

Seasonal Gameplay

Seasons in Assassin's Creed Shadows affect both the environment and gameplay, offering unique challenges and opportunities.

  • Spring and Summer:
  • Blooming plants provide hiding spots.
  • Pollen and leaves create realistic, dynamic environments.

  • Autumn and Winter:

  • Dead plants remove cover.
  • Icicles and frozen water alter paths and hiding spots.

“We ensure the world stays authentic to historical events, with seasons changing based on campaign progress,” says Dansereau.


Assassin's Creed Shadows promises to be a richly detailed, historically immersive experience that blends the series’ traditional stealth elements with new dynamic systems. With its dual protagonists, expansive open world, and innovative gameplay mechanics, Ubisoft aims to deliver a game that honors fan requests and sets a new standard for the franchise.

Mark your calendars for November 15, 2024, as Assassin's Creed Shadows brings the long-awaited feudal Japan setting to life on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Amazon Luna.

Watch the Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer: Assassin's Creed Shadows Trailer

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the release date, and prepare to embark on a journey through the shadows of feudal Japan.

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