No Man’s Sky's New Adrift Mode: Survive Alone in an Abandoned Universe

No Man’s Sky's New Adrift Mode: Survive Alone in an Abandoned Universe

In space, no one can hear you scream.

Hello Games is set to transform the way players experience No Man's Sky with its latest update, Adrift. This new mode immerses players in an alternative universe stripped of all other lifeforms, presenting a solitary survival challenge like never before. Adrift removes all NPCs, meaning no shops, no trading, and no help—creating a more dangerous and isolated environment.

Adrift allows players to explore a universe devoid of intelligent life, bringing a fresh and haunting atmosphere to the game. Without NPCs, players will face new threats as sandworms roam freely and fiend eggs spread across planets. The once bustling space stations and planetary outposts are now broken, rusted, and littered with the graves of lost travelers.

"In space a new ghostly frigate beckons for players who wish to unravel the mystery at the heart of this new universe," Hello Games teased. To aid players in their lonely journey, a new bulky dropship called the Iron Vulture is introduced, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the Adrift universe.

Adrift was initially planned as the next expedition but has evolved into a comprehensive update filled with improvements, unique gameplay content, and rewards. This mode promises to be an intriguing survival experience, emphasizing self-reliance and resourcefulness.

A Lonely Universe

In Adrift, players will wake up on the desolate, worm-infested planet Iapezuk. Unlike previous expeditions, players will not be together in the usual sense. "The boundaries between realities have thickened. Communication is consumed by static. Even the usually-bustling Space Anomaly is eerily silent," Hello Games stated.

Survival in this forsaken universe requires players to complete a series of repair, exploration, and combat challenges. The absence of merchants and traders makes self-reliance more critical than ever. Buildings are rusted and abandoned, space stations are damaged and empty, and the only company players have is the ghostly new frigate class they can add to their fleet.

New Tools for Survival

Despite the overwhelming sense of isolation, players are not entirely without resources. The new Iron Vulture starship provides a robust and customizable means of navigating the abandoned universe. Additionally, completing the expedition rewards players with exclusive collectibles, including the gnawing scuttler companion, starship stealth paint, a ghostly frigate, and the unique Iron Vulture starship.

"Though everyone will awaken on the desolate, worm-infested planet Iapezuk, you will not be together in the usual sense," Hello Games explained. "In this forsaken universe, deprived of support from merchants and traders, self-reliance is more critical than ever."

Adrift's focus on solitude and survival harks back to the early days of No Man's Sky, offering a more challenging and introspective experience. With no galactic terminals to buy or sell necessary items, progression will rely heavily on the player's ability to scavenge and make do with what they can find.

A New Survival Challenge

For those who enjoyed the sense of loneliness and the survival challenge from the game's early days, Adrift presents a perfect opportunity to revisit those feelings. The update promises a more hostile universe with aggressive creatures and environmental threats, making every decision crucial for survival.

The update is available starting today and will run for seven weeks. Players can immerse themselves in this new, abandoned universe and test their survival skills in the most isolated environment No Man's Sky has ever offered.

"In this forsaken universe, deprived of support from merchants and traders, self-reliance is more critical than ever. Survive a spread of repair, exploration, and combat challenges—and meditate upon the darkness of deep space."

As Hello Games continues to expand No Man's Sky with innovative updates and new content, Adrift stands out as a unique and compelling mode that strips the game down to its survival roots. Whether you're a veteran player or new to the game, Adrift offers a fresh and thrilling challenge that redefines what it means to survive in the vast expanse of space.

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