EA Ruins Some Players' "It Takes Two" Saves, Offers Completed Save Files as Solution

EA Ruins Some Players' "It Takes Two" Saves, Offers Completed Save Files as Solution

It Takes Two, the award-winning co-op game by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts (EA), recently received an update that makes it verified on Steam Deck and removes the requirement to use the EA App launcher. However, this update has led to a significant issue for some players: old cloud saves were wiped out. EA's solution for those affected? Download a completed save file of the game instead.

Released in March 2021, It Takes Two tells the story of a couple navigating their relationship after being turned into toys. The game has been widely praised for its innovative co-op mechanics and engaging storyline. But for those using the EA App’s cloud save feature, the recent update has caused a loss of progress.

What to Do If You Lost Progress in It Takes Two

On May 29, EA posted an update on Steam announcing that It Takes Two no longer requires the EA App launcher and is now verified on Steam Deck. This update also shifted the game's cloud save system to Steam Cloud, rendering the old EA App cloud saves obsolete. Unfortunately, players who didn't back up their saves locally have lost their progress.

"It Takes Two no longer requires the EA App launcher to play. The game is also now verified on Steam Deck, too."

In an included FAQ, EA provided a link to download a completed save game for It Takes Two. Players can download this save file, place it in a specific folder, and then select the chapter they were playing. While this workaround is better than nothing, it is far from ideal for those who lost their personalized game progress.

"Download that, drop it in a specific folder—as listed by EA—and then boot up the game, select the chapter you and your friend were playing, and there you go."

A Mixed Reaction from the Community

The reaction from the community has been mixed. While some appreciate the removal of the third-party launcher and the verification for Steam Deck, others are frustrated by the lack of advanced warning and the loss of progress.

"It’s a bit odd to see a massive video game publisher sharing a save game as a solution for players losing progress. Better than nothing, I guess?"

Steam Deck Verification and Other Updates

In more positive news, the update has brought several enhancements. It Takes Two is now Steam Deck Verified, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go. The update also adds support for game invites through the Steam friends list and enables Steam Family Sharing.

"Today’s update for It Takes Two adds support for Steam Deck and game invites through the Steam friends list, and removes the need for the EA App launcher."

This means players can now send game invites and join friends’ games directly through Steam. The Friend’s Pass feature has also been updated to align with these changes.

Hazelight Studios Teases New Announcements

In other news, Hazelight Studios, the developer behind It Takes Two, has teased that they have new projects in the works. Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the studio mentioned that they have "new (real good) stuff cooking" and plan to reveal more details later this year.

"We don't know what the studio is working on right now, but it seems we won't have to wait long to find out."

Final Thoughts

While the loss of cloud saves is a significant issue, the broader updates to It Takes Two are largely positive. The removal of the EA App launcher and Steam Deck verification are steps in the right direction, improving the overall player experience. However, the handling of cloud saves serves as a reminder of the importance of local backups and clear communication from developers.

It Takes Two continues to be a standout co-op experience, and with Hazelight Studios hinting at new projects, there’s much to look forward to from this innovative developer.

"It Takes Two is now Steam Deck Verified! So you can play it anywhere on the go!"

As players navigate these changes, the gaming community will be watching closely to see how EA and Hazelight Studios handle future updates and what new projects are on the horizon.

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