Overwatch 2 Fans Are Unhappy Over Tank-Centric Patch

Overwatch 2 Fans Are Unhappy Over Tank-Centric Patch

Overwatch 2 has recently launched its Transformers crossover skins, but what has really grabbed the community's attention is the midseason balance patch that accompanied the update on July 9. While the new skins were the highlight, the patch aimed to address criticisms about the tank role's effectiveness. However, many fans believe Blizzard's changes have gone too far, making tanks overwhelmingly powerful and disrupting the game's balance.

Is Overwatch 2’s Season 11 Patch the Worst It’s Ever Had?

The patch notes for July 9 include extensive comments on changes for all 12 tank heroes, with sweeping changes to role passives and individual buffs. The damage role passive, which previously reduced incoming healing effectiveness for tanks, has been nerfed from 20% to 10%. Despite this, the buffs to individual tanks have led to concerns that the game’s balance has been severely impacted.

Mauga is a prime example of how the patch has made tanks overpowered. His Cardiac Overdrive ability now allows him to heal at the equivalent of his damage output during the ability's duration. This makes him nearly invincible, as shown in clips where he survives high-damage attacks that should typically defeat any hero.

Overwatch 2 Community's Reaction

The reaction from the Overwatch 2 community has been immediate and vocal. Many players feel that the buffs to tanks are an overcorrection. Some argue that while tanks needed more survivability, the extent of these changes disrupts the game’s balance, making matches feel like a “kaiju battle” where tanks dominate the battlefield.

On the other hand, some community members support the changes, arguing that tanks needed significant buffs to be more fun and effective. The debate highlights a divide within the community about how to balance the tank role properly.

"Literally everyone and their mother was saying that the tank role was the least fun and it needed significant buffs because you were too weak and expected to do too much," one Reddit user commented. "Now, the same people are upset about the buffs."

However, others feel that Blizzard should have toned down some of the counters to tanks instead of buffing tanks themselves.

"The common sentiment was that tank sucked to play, not that tank needed massive buffs," another user wrote. "Instead of gigabuffing tanks and causing more power creep, they needed to tone down some of the things that countered tanks."

Transformers Crossover Skins

Despite the controversy over the balance patch, the Transformers crossover skins have been well-received. Characters like Reinhardt, Ramattra, Bastion, and Illari now sport skins inspired by Transformers characters, bringing a fresh aesthetic to the game. Reinhardt’s skin resembles Optimus Prime, while Ramattra’s skin is based on Megatron. Bastion and Illari are dressed as Bumblebee and Arcee, respectively.

Blizzard's artist Bobby Kim explained the design philosophy behind these skins, aiming to integrate Transformers' mechanical elements while maintaining Overwatch 2 heroes' recognizable silhouettes.

“When developing the skin, I tried to integrate the sturdy, truck-like design that Optimus Prime is known for,” Kim said. “I also tried using sharper, angular parts throughout the skin, which I think captured the iconic look of Optimus Prime.”

Looking Ahead

Game director Aaron Keller has acknowledged the community's feedback and hinted at future discussions about the original 6v6 format in upcoming blog posts or Developer Update videos. Some fans speculate this could mean a return to the 6v6 format, though this remains to be seen.


The latest update for Overwatch 2 has sparked significant debate within the community. While the new Transformers skins have been a hit, the balance changes to tanks have been polarizing. As Blizzard continues to refine the game, it will be crucial to address these concerns to maintain a balanced and enjoyable experience for all players.


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