Fallout Fans Theorize Mr. House Survived Every New Vegas Ending

Fallout Fans Theorize Mr. House Survived Every New Vegas Ending

In the expansive world of Fallout: New Vegas, players navigate a complex web of alliances and conflicts, leading to multiple possible endings. Among these, the fate of Mr. House, the enigmatic overseer of New Vegas, varies significantly. In the majority of scenarios, Mr. House meets his demise. However, fans have proposed an intriguing theory that could allow Mr. House to survive all possible endings, potentially setting the stage for his return in the upcoming Fallout TV series.

Mr. House's Survival Theory

A recent fan theory posits that Mr. House, ever the meticulous planner, might have created a backup of his consciousness. This backup could be uploaded to a Securitron in the event of his death, ensuring his continued presence and influence in the wasteland.

"If House can back up the aspects of Jane's consciousness and port it to a [Securitron], I'm convinced he backed up his own and configured it to come online via a dead man's switch," one Reddit user suggested. "So, if the Courier betrayed him, it would just be a minor setback. He'd adjust his plans and bide his time before resurfacing. The House always wins... eventually."

Fallout TV Series Hints at Canon

The Fallout TV series has sparked debate among fans regarding which New Vegas ending is considered canon. The show's creators have deliberately kept things ambiguous, but certain details suggest a possible storyline.

Evidence from the TV Series

At the end of the Amazon Prime series, viewers witness the aftermath of a brutal battle between Securitrons and NCR troopers, with wrecked vertibirds scattered across the Strip. This scenario didn't occur in any specific New Vegas ending, suggesting it happened post-game.

  • Securitrons on the Strip: This points to either Mr. House surviving or the Courier (with Yes Man) taking control, as they are the only factions capable of commanding the Securitrons.
  • NCR Presence: The continued presence of NCR troops implies that the NCR ending might have initially occurred, only for subsequent conflicts to reshape the power dynamics.

This theory allows for all endings to be canon in some capacity. Mr. House or Yes Man could have initially won, with the NCR attempting to reclaim control later. Alternatively, the NCR might have won, only for Mr. House's backup to retake the Strip afterward.

Addressing Continuity and Ambiguity

Given the multiple endings and the timeline ambiguities introduced by the TV series, maintaining a consistent and satisfying narrative is challenging. Some fans propose a solution where Mr. House's backup was created before the events of New Vegas, thus keeping him unaware of the exact events, maintaining the mystery.

"They may go the route of there being a backup, but it was done before the events of Fallout: New Vegas, so House doesn't know what happened exactly. Or data corruption, so the specific events can still be ambiguous," one fan suggested.

The Fallout TV Series and New Vegas Canon

The Fallout TV series, which incorporates elements from all the games, leans towards one ending while keeping the storyline flexible. Despite the series' creators aiming for a canon-neutral stance, the evidence suggests an NCR victory might be the most plausible, albeit with significant subsequent turmoil.

The NCR's Role

In Fallout: New Vegas, the NCR represents a powerful and expanding force. Their victory would logically allow for continued dominance in the Mojave, aligning with the TV show's depiction of the NCR's ongoing presence.

  • NCR Survival: The NCR's splinter group led by Lee Moldaver implies a fragmented but surviving faction, fitting with a post-victory scenario where internal strife and external pressures have weakened their hold.


While the Fallout TV series strives to avoid declaring a definitive New Vegas ending, the fan theory of Mr. House's survival through a consciousness backup offers a fascinating solution. This theory not only satisfies fans eager to see Mr. House's return but also preserves the rich tapestry of New Vegas' multiple endings. As the series progresses, it will be interesting to see how these theories and narrative threads are woven together, keeping the spirit of the game alive.

"Regardless, with this theory, Mr. House can return even if you beat him to death with a golf club."

For now, Fallout fans can revel in the speculation and the promise of new adventures in the beloved post-apocalyptic universe.

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