Capcom Announces Crucial Update for Dragon's Dogma 2 to Tackle Dragonsplague

Capcom Announces Crucial Update for Dragon's Dogma 2 to Tackle Dragonsplague

This month, Capcom will roll out a significant update for its high-fantasy RPG, Dragon's Dogma 2, on all platforms. The update promises several enhancements, including improved Pawn intelligence and quieter companions. However, one of the most critical updates is aimed at addressing the dreaded Dragonsplague—a disease that exclusively affects Pawns and can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

Dragonsplague presents various symptoms in Pawns, such as disobedience, pulsing red eyes, and headaches, signaling the onset of the infection. Without timely intervention, an infected Pawn can transform into a shadow dragon, wreaking havoc and destruction across town. The upcoming patch aims to make these warning signs more conspicuous to help players act swiftly and prevent disaster.

According to the April 19 patch notes released by Capcom, the update will reduce the frequency of Dragonsplague infections and enhance the visibility of its symptoms. For instance, the infected Pawn’s glowing red eyes will be more apparent, especially helpful if players have customized their Pawns with red eyes.

Furthermore, the update will allow players to zoom in on characters' faces in the status menu to better inspect for signs of infection. Should the glowing red eyes be detected, players will need to make tough decisions, such as dismissing or eliminating the infected Pawn to avoid further calamity.

Other welcome changes include improved Pawn behavior to prevent them from inadvertently falling off cliffs and better responsiveness to player commands. Additionally, Pawns will be less chatty and more helpful in combat situations. One fun addition is the improved interaction animations, such as high-fives, making these celebratory moments more engaging.

Capcom has indicated that the update is set to release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S within the month. With April nearing its end, players won’t have to wait much longer to experience these enhancements.

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