Destiny 2: The Final Shape Leaks Early as Expansion Goes Live Ahead of Schedule

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Leaks Early as Expansion Goes Live Ahead of Schedule

In a surprising turn of events, Destiny 2: The Final Shape, the highly anticipated expansion for Bungie's popular sci-fi shooter, went live ahead of its scheduled release date. Originally set to launch on June 4, 2024, the expansion was accidentally made available on May 29, following routine server maintenance. The mishap allowed a significant number of players to access the new content, leading to widespread spoilers and a flurry of reactions across the gaming community.

Early Access and Spoilers Flood the Internet

The leak was first reported by Eurogamer, with numerous players taking to social media to express their shock and dismay. One user, known as Cupcake_0f_Doom on Reddit, shared their experience of unexpectedly loading into The Final Shape:

"I tried loading it up tonight and at first I thought cross save was bugged and it wasn't loading up my account," they said. "It wanted me to create a new character. Then I noticed the title screen had been updated to The Final Shape. It looked like I was loading into a build of The Final Shape."

Despite Bungie's swift response to shut down the servers, many players were able to explore and share significant portions of the expansion, including major plot points, raid details, trophies, and loot. The leak caused a ripple effect of spoilers throughout the Destiny 2 community.

Bungie's Response

Bungie promptly addressed the situation with a statement acknowledging the error and advising players to exercise caution on social media to avoid spoilers:

"Earlier today, a portion of Destiny 2: The Final Shape was accidentally pushed live on PS5's streaming service. There are currently spoilers being shared online," the studio said in a tweet. "We advise players who don't want the experience spoiled to be very careful on social media in the lead up to The Final Shape's release next week."

The developers expressed their gratitude to community members who reported the leaks and urged those who had seen spoilers to be considerate of others:

"Thanks to all our community members who have already helped us by reporting leaks and those actively working to prevent more of the experience from being shared before its intended date."

Impact on the Community

The premature release of The Final Shape has generated mixed reactions within the Destiny 2 community. While some players were excited to get an early look at the content, others were frustrated by the potential for spoilers ruining their experience.

One Reddit user warned fellow Guardians:

"The entire DLC is playable right now. If you don't want spoilers now is your chance to bail outta the sub, off X, off everything," they wrote. "CODE RED: SPOILERS INCOMING EVERYWHERE. THE DLC HAS LEAKED."

A Troubled Development

The leak comes after a series of challenges for Bungie. The studio faced significant layoffs in October 2023 due to the underperformance of Destiny 2, resulting in a somber atmosphere as employees bid farewell to around 100 colleagues. This context has heightened the anticipation and scrutiny surrounding The Final Shape.

Originally slated for release on February 27, 2024, the expansion was delayed to ensure it met Bungie's high standards:

"It needed more time to become exactly what [Bungie] wants it to be," the developers stated.

Final Release Approaches

Despite the early leak, Bungie remains optimistic about the official release of Destiny 2: The Final Shape on June 4, 2024. The expansion is poised to be the grand finale in Destiny 2's 10-year saga, and both the developers and the community are eagerly anticipating its full launch.

"It's always extremely difficult when our team's hard work is leaked early, but we are still excited for everyone to experience the full release on June 4 together," Bungie concluded.

For those who wish to avoid spoilers, it's advisable to tread carefully on social media in the days leading up to the official release. The Destiny 2 community looks forward to exploring The Final Shape and concluding this epic journey when the expansion goes live next week.


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