Kingdom Hearts 4 Reportedly Has Online Features, Looks "Very Different" From Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 4 Reportedly Has Online Features, Looks "Very Different" From Trailer

The much-anticipated Kingdom Hearts 4 is rumored to introduce online features and may launch on Nintendo's next console, often referred to as the Switch 2. According to a reliable leaker, Midori, this new entry in the beloved series will offer a fresh experience that looks significantly different from its reveal trailer.

Online Features and Platform Launch

Small Online Features

Midori, a well-known leaker with a track record of accurate information, has revealed that Kingdom Hearts 4 will include "small" online features. While the details of these features remain vague, they are not expected to turn the game into a fully multiplayer experience.

"Kingdom Hearts 4 is rumored to have 'small' online features," says Midori. This suggests that the online components will likely enhance the gameplay without overshadowing the series' traditional single-player focus.

Potential Switch 2 Launch

In addition to the online features, Midori hints that Kingdom Hearts 4 could launch on the anticipated Switch 2, alongside ports of the entire Kingdom Hearts series. This move aligns with Square Enix's strategy to broaden the series' reach across multiple platforms. The entire series is currently playable on Nintendo Switch via Cloud, but native ports for the next-generation hardware would be a significant upgrade.

"Kingdom Hearts 4 could also launch on the Switch 2, along with ports of the other Kingdom Hearts games."

Visual and Gameplay Evolution

Codename Quattro

The game is reportedly codenamed "Quattro" and looks "very different" from its initial reveal trailer. This isn't entirely surprising given that the trailer showcased minimal gameplay, focusing instead on setting the stage for the game's narrative and atmosphere. As development progresses, it's common for visual and gameplay elements to evolve.

"It looks 'very different' from its reveal trailer," Midori notes, indicating substantial development progress since the game's announcement.

Kingdom Hearts Series Expansion

Steam Ports and More

This information comes shortly after the announcement that the entire Kingdom Hearts series will be available on Steam next month. This expansion to Steam is a significant step for the franchise, making it accessible to an even broader audience.

"The Steam ports of the whole series were announced for next month, marking a significant expansion for the franchise."

Kingdom Hearts in Fortnite

Interestingly, Midori also claimed that Kingdom Hearts characters might be coming to Fortnite. This potential crossover could be part of the larger partnership between Disney and Epic Games, which has already seen various Disney properties featured in the popular battle royale game.

"Midori also claimed that Kingdom Hearts is coming to Fortnite, which would tie into the Steam releases and broaden the series' reach."

Future of the Franchise

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link

Midori's insights extend beyond Kingdom Hearts 4. She revealed that developer BitGroove is working on Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, with a beta test recently conducted. This game is expected to further expand the Kingdom Hearts universe, providing fans with new content to explore.

"Developer BitGroove is working on Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, with a beta test already conducted."


The latest leaks and updates surrounding Kingdom Hearts 4 paint an exciting picture for fans. With potential online features, a possible launch on the Switch 2, and significant visual and gameplay developments, the game promises to bring fresh experiences to the series. Additionally, the Steam ports and potential Fortnite crossover highlight Square Enix's strategy to expand the Kingdom Hearts universe across multiple platforms and media.

As we await official announcements and further details, the Kingdom Hearts fanbase can look forward to a year filled with exciting developments and new adventures in their beloved universe.

Key Highlights:
- Small Online Features: Enhancing gameplay without overshadowing single-player focus.
- Switch 2 Launch: Potential launch alongside native ports of the entire series.
- Visual and Gameplay Changes: Significant evolution from the reveal trailer.
- Steam Ports: Kingdom Hearts series coming to Steam next month.
- Fortnite Crossover: Potential integration with Fortnite as part of a Disney-Epic Games partnership.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Kingdom Hearts series continues to evolve and expand.

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