Sea of Thieves PS5 Player Count Sinks: Can Season 13 Bring Them Back?

Sea of Thieves PS5 Player Count Sinks: Can Season 13 Bring Them Back?

Sea of Thieves, the popular pirate-themed adventure game developed by Rare, has experienced a significant drop in its PlayStation 5 player base since its launch in April. Despite a strong start, the game has seen a 58% decline in active players, posing challenges for retention in the competitive live-service market. Here’s an in-depth look at the current state of Sea of Thieves on PS5, potential reasons for the player drop, and how the upcoming Season 13 update aims to turn the tide.

Launch and Initial Success

Sea of Thieves made its debut on PlayStation 5 in April, after over six years of exclusivity on PC and Xbox consoles. The game was met with enthusiasm, quickly becoming one of the most popular titles on Sony’s platform. The initial surge in players was promising, as PlayStation gamers were eager to dive into one of the best pirate games available.

Player Retention Issues

However, the honeymoon period seems to be over. According to a report by TrueTrophies, Sea of Thieves has already lost 58% of its PS5 player base. This decline is concerning for a live-service game that relies heavily on its ability to keep players engaged over time.

Reasons for the Decline

Several factors could be contributing to this drop:

  1. Natural Decline: A reduction in player numbers after the initial launch is common for many games. The challenge is maintaining a stable, long-term player base.

  2. Complex New Player Experience: With six years of updates and content, new players might find the game overwhelming. The sheer volume of activities and mechanics could be daunting for newcomers.

  3. Competition from Other Games: The recent release of other popular live-service titles like XDefiant and MultiVersus on PS5 has likely drawn attention away from Sea of Thieves.

The Promise of Season 13

Despite these challenges, there is hope on the horizon. At the recent Xbox Games Showcase, Rare teased the upcoming Season 13, which introduces new features and content, including the ability for players to become villains for the first time. This update could be key to revitalizing the player base on PS5.

"Rare has done a great job at keeping players engaged with new content so far, so hopefully the release of Season 13 will bring more PlayStation 5 players back onboard."

Tips for Making Money in Sea of Thieves

For both new and returning players, maximizing gold earnings is essential. Here are some effective strategies:

  1. Seek the Skull of Siren Song: High risk, high reward. This item is worth 50,000 gold when cashed in with Captain Briggsy.

  2. Stack and Sell Athena’s Treasure: Focus on high-value items like the Chest of Legends for significant payouts.

  3. Use Emissary Flags: Emissary Flags provide bonus gold and reputation based on their grade. Always use an Emissary Flag when completing voyages.

  4. Steal Emissary Flags and Captain Log Books: Capture flags from other ships for a good reward, especially when sold to the Reapers.

  5. Gold Hoarder Vaults: Complete these voyages for a large haul of chests and treasures.

  6. Lost Shipment Voyages: Represent the Merchant’s Alliance and complete these for quick gold and grade increases.

  7. PVP and PVE Battles: Engage in ship battles to earn high-value treasures.

  8. Skeleton Forts and Sea Forts: Clear these for valuable loot and quick gold.

  9. Siren Treasuries: Battle enemies underwater for a substantial amount of treasure.

  10. Reaper’s Bounty Treasure: These chests are highly valuable but come with the risk of attracting other players.


Sea of Thieves on PS5 faces significant challenges in player retention, but the upcoming Season 13 update offers a promising opportunity to bring players back. By focusing on engaging content and providing clear paths for earning in-game gold, Rare can potentially stabilize and grow its player base once again.

As the pirate adventure continues, players are encouraged to explore all aspects of the game, from high-stakes treasure hunts to strategic PvP battles, ensuring that every voyage is as rewarding as it is thrilling.

"It's all fun and games until the clankers start deleting grid squares with MLRS."

Stay tuned for more updates on Sea of Thieves and dive back into the pirate life with the new content coming soon.

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