Ereban: Shadow Legacy - A Stealth Adventure through Shadows and Morality

Ereban: Shadow Legacy - A Stealth Adventure through Shadows and Morality

Earlier this month, the stealth genre welcomed a compelling new entry with the release of Ereban: Shadow Legacy. Developed by Baby Robot Games, this game introduces us to Ayana, the last of the Erebans. She's on a mission to unravel the mystery behind her people's disappearance and confront the ominous megacorporation, Helios. The game offers players a choice between lethal and non-lethal approaches, each leaving a unique mark on Ayana's legacy.

Gameplay Mechanics and Style

Ereban: Shadow Legacy allows players to manipulate Ayana's shadow powers to navigate through environments either by eliminating threats or avoiding them altogether. The game's central mechanic involves using shadows not just for hiding but also for movement, enabling Ayana to climb and traverse walls and ceilings. This concept, originally visualized during a university brainstorming session, brings a fresh twist to the stealth genre by integrating the environment into the gameplay.

Moral Choices and Consequences

One of the game's core elements is the moral decision-making process it instills in players. You can choose to eliminate Helios's robotic SYMULANTS without moral repercussions, or face the tougher choice of dealing with human workers. Killing these workers grants Ayana more shadow power, but at the potential cost of her humanity. This mechanic encourages players to reflect on their choices and their impacts on the game's world and narrative.

Influence and Inspirations

Creative director Alex Márquez cites games like Dishonored and Aragami as significant influences on Ereban: Shadow Legacy. Like these titles, Ereban aims to invigorate the stealth genre by combining traditional elements with innovative mechanics like shadow manipulation. The game strives to capture the thrill of infiltrating forbidden territories, strategizing against enemies, and improvising when plans falter.

Game's Reception and Critique

While Ereban: Shadow Legacy has been praised for its unique mechanics and engaging gameplay, it has also faced criticism for its simplicity and lack of challenge in stealth elements. The game's enemies display basic patterns and limited awareness, which can reduce the overall difficulty and limit the necessity to use all available skills and gadgets creatively.


Ereban: Shadow Legacy stands out as a love letter to the stealth genre, blending traditional gameplay with innovative shadow mechanics. Its exploration of moral choices adds depth to the player's experience, making each playthrough personal and impactful. Whether you're a veteran of stealth games or new to the genre, Ereban offers a refreshing take that encourages strategic thinking and moral reflection. As it continues to resonate with fans of the genre, Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a testament to Baby Robot Games' passion and commitment to reviving and enriching stealth gameplay.


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