Exploring the Gameplay and Reception of Hunter x Hunter: Nen Impact

Exploring the Gameplay and Reception of Hunter x Hunter: Nen Impact

As the gaming industry continues to expand its horizons, a new addition is making waves, particularly among anime fans. The first gameplay footage of Hunter x Hunter: Nen Impact has recently been unveiled, sparking a mixed bag of reactions regarding its graphics, roster, and gameplay mechanics.

Early Reactions to the Gameplay

Developed by Eighting, known for their work on Naruto: Clash of Ninja and Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Hunter x Hunter: Nen Impact was revealed during a demo that showcased the potential of this new fighting game. Despite some criticism regarding its visual presentation, with some fans comparing the graphics unfavorably to PS3-era games, the gameplay has been generally well-received. A popular anime gaming channel, PS360HD2, posted a 13-minute gameplay video that garnered a lot of attention for demonstrating the game's dynamics, which are reminiscent of classic 3v3 tag fighters.

Gameplay Mechanics and Style

Hunter x Hunter: Nen Impact offers a gameplay experience that is similar to other successful 3v3 tag fighters. The pre-match intros and the tag team mechanics suggest a robust system that could appeal to both casual and competitive players. "Even after only seeing ten minutes of gameplay, Nen Impact looks like it's going to have a lot of the same greatness you expect from Eighting," remarked a viewer from the PS360HD2 gameplay video.

Concerns Over Graphics and Roster Size

Despite the excitement around the gameplay, the graphics and limited character roster have not met everyone's expectations. Comments under the gameplay video highlight concerns that the visual style and the number of characters might not live up to some fans' standards. However, considering the developer's pedigree, there is optimism that the final product will refine these elements before its official release.

Inclusion of Iconic Characters and Moves

The game will feature iconic characters from the Hunter x Hunter series, including Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, Hisoka, and Netero. Each character brings their signature moves to the battlefield, promising a diverse range of fighting styles and strategies. The inclusion of these characters has been a hit among fans who appreciate the faithful adaptation of their favorite heroes and villains.

Professional Gamers Weigh In

During a showcase event, professional gamers including Fenritti, GO1, and Eita had the opportunity to test the game, providing valuable insights into its competitive aspects. Their gameplay demonstrated the strategic depth of Nen Impact, highlighting its potential in the fighting game community. "I played Hunter x Hunter Nen Impact for 2 hours and I wish I could play for 10 more hours," exclaimed Justin Wong, a respected figure in the fighting game scene.

Future Events and Public Demos

Hunter x Hunter: Nen Impact will be available for public playtesting at EVO Japan 2024, giving more fans and potential players a chance to experience its mechanics firsthand. This event is crucial for gathering further feedback and generating more interest in the game.

Anticipated Release and Platforms

The game is confirmed for release on the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. While no specific release date has been announced, the inclusion of Hunter x Hunter: Nen Impact in major gaming expos like EVO Japan indicates that more information might be forthcoming.

In conclusion, Hunter x Hunter: Nen Impact is shaping up to be a fascinating addition to the world of anime-based video games. While there are concerns regarding its graphics and roster, the engaging gameplay and the developer's strong track record suggest that this title could yet become a favorite among fans of the genre. As it nears its release, the gaming community is keenly watching to see how this game will evolve and whether it will live up to the legendary status of its source material.

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