Fortnite Reload: A Nostalgic Return with Endless Revives and Classic Elements

Fortnite Reload: A Nostalgic Return with Endless Revives and Classic Elements

Fortnite is bringing a new mode called Fortnite Reload that promises to take players back to the roots of the battle royale experience. Launching today, June 22, at 11 AM PT, this mode features a tighter map, classic weapons, and endless revives, but notably, no vehicles.

Back to Basics

Fortnite Reload is designed for 40-player squads in a “Fill or No Fill” format. The map includes nostalgic Points of Interest (POIs) such as Tilted Towers and Retail Row, bringing a wave of nostalgia to long-time players. The absence of vehicles forces players to engage more directly with the environment and each other, reminiscent of the early days of Fortnite.

“We wanted to bring back the essence of what made Fortnite so beloved while adding new twists to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting,” stated The Fortnite Team.

Endless Revives and Classic Weaponry

In this mode, players can continuously revive as long as one team member remains alive. The reboot timer starts at 30 seconds and increases to 40 seconds later in the match. Teammates can shorten this time by performing specific actions, such as downing an opponent (-2 seconds), eliminating a player (-4 seconds), and wiping out an entire squad (-10 seconds).

Alongside the endless revives, Fortnite Reload reintroduces a variety of unvaulted weapons, including:
- Revolver
- Tactical Shotgun
- Lever Action Shotgun
- OG Heavy Shotgun
- Tactical Submachine Gun
- Infantry Rifle
- Heavy Assault Rifle
- Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
- Rocket Launcher
- Grappler

Rewards and Quests

Victory Crowns make a return, rewarding players for their previous match wins. Additionally, Fortnite Reload offers a series of introductory quests, each rewarding 20,000 XP. Completing these quests will unlock exclusive items:
- Digital Dogfight Contrail (3 quests)
- Pool Cubes Wrap (6 quests)
- NaNa Bath Back Bling (9 quests)
- The Rezzbrella Glider (Victory Royale)

“The endless revive mechanic is designed to keep the action fast-paced and intense, ensuring that players always have a chance to get back into the fight,” explained Epic Games.

No Vehicles, Just Classic Action

One of the most notable changes in Fortnite Reload is the absence of vehicles. This decision emphasizes ground combat and strategic movement, harkening back to the classic Fortnite experience.

Players can choose between Battle Royale and Zero Build options, but the mode is restricted to squads only. However, there is an option to play with fewer than four members if desired.

A Big Weekend for Fortnite

In addition to Fortnite Reload, this weekend will feature the Metallica: Fuel. Fire. Fury. concert event, celebrating the iconic rock band's music. This interactive experience will include six of Metallica’s songs, adding another layer of excitement for players.

Fortnite also recently introduced Pepper Roni from LEGO Island, who can be found at the Pizza Shop in LEGO Tycoon: Tilted Towers.

“This weekend is packed with events that showcase the versatility and creativity of Fortnite, offering something for every type of player,” said a spokesperson from Epic Games.

Fortnite Reload is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac, and PC. Get ready to dive back into the action with a blend of classic elements and new features that promise to reignite the battle royale excitement.


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