Asha Empire: Exodus Set for July 18 Release on Steam

Asha Empire: Exodus Set for July 18 Release on Steam

The highly anticipated single-player action game, Asha Empire: Exodus, is set to launch on Steam on July 18. Developed by the talented Asha Empire Team, this game promises to immerse players in a mystery-laden adventure set on the enigmatic moon of Sirina.

Asha Empire: Exodus transports players to a sprawling environment divided into seven distinct zones. Each zone is meticulously crafted, offering unique challenges, hostile rebels, and critical databanks that players must collect. As either Imperial Commander Rexis or Kyra, players will navigate through the perilous landscapes, confront rebel forces, and uncover the secrets hidden within the databanks.

Gameplay and Features

The game’s primary mission involves a daring quest to gather vital information while engaging in intense battles against rebels. Players must strategically plan their movements and combat tactics to overcome the various obstacles and enemies they encounter. The ultimate objective is to reach the evacuation ship, securing the collected data and ensuring the survival of the Imperial forces.

Asha Empire: Exodus offers a blend of strategic combat and narrative-driven gameplay, creating an immersive experience for players. The game features:

  • Expansive Environment: Explore seven diverse zones, each filled with unique obstacles, enemies, and secrets waiting to be uncovered.
  • Strategic Combat: Engage in dynamic battles against rebel forces, utilizing a variety of tactics, weapons, and abilities. Each encounter requires careful planning and quick reflexes to succeed.
  • Databank Collection: Gather crucial databanks scattered across the zones to uncover hidden secrets, advance the story, and unlock new abilities and upgrades.
  • Intense Storyline: Dive into a narrative rich with mystery and intrigue, set in the Asha Galaxy. The story unfolds through the collection of databanks and interactions with various characters and environments.
  • Multiple Characters: Play as either Commander Rexis or Commander Kyra, each offering a unique gameplay experience with different skills and perspectives on the unfolding events.

The Setting: Sirina

Set in the 28th imperial year, eight years after the death of Emperor Walter, the game’s story takes place on Sirina, a moon of the planet Mikapis. Rebels, known as the Free Nirsh Army, have seized control of the moon, leading to a critical evacuation operation by the Imperial forces. The moon's landscape is filled with remnants of the Imperial industrial military base, now overrun by rebels. Players must navigate through this hazardous environment, making strategic decisions that will impact the outcome of their mission.

Community and Expectations

Asha Empire: Exodus is part of the larger Asha Empire series, and its release is highly anticipated by fans of the franchise. The game aims to attract both new players and long-time fans by offering a compelling storyline, strategic gameplay, and richly detailed environments. The developers have emphasized that player feedback will be crucial in shaping future updates and expansions, fostering a strong community around the game.

Be sure to mark your calendars for July 18 and prepare for an epic adventure on Steam. Asha Empire: Exodus is set to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience, blending intense combat, strategic planning, and a captivating narrative in the vast expanse of the Asha Galaxy.


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