Fallout 4 Next-Gen Upgrade Faces Challenges, Reports Digital Foundry

Fallout 4 Next-Gen Upgrade Faces Challenges, Reports Digital Foundry

The long-awaited next-gen upgrade for Fallout 4, released this April, has encountered significant issues according to a detailed analysis by Digital Foundry. While the upgrade was anticipated to enhance the gaming experience on newer consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, it seems to have fallen short of expectations, particularly on the Xbox.

Technical Setbacks Across Platforms

Digital Foundry's comprehensive review reveals that while the PS5 version shows some improvements, the Xbox Series X|S versions suffer from several technical setbacks. The upgrade, which introduces two graphics modes including a standard performance mode and a high-fidelity mode, seems to malfunction specifically on Xbox consoles. The performance mode, which should toggle between different settings, fails to make any changes to the graphical output, leaving players stuck with lower quality visuals than expected.

Ultrawide Support Issues on PC

PC players were looking forward to the 21:9 ultrawide support that comes with the upgrade, but this too has been plagued by bugs. The implementation appears to be incomplete, with parts of the user interface simply stretched from the standard 16:9 format, and other elements displaying visual glitches. This has led to dissatisfaction among PC gamers, who also face compatibility issues with existing mods.

Community Reactions and Mod Adaptations

The Fallout 4 community has actively responded to the shortcomings of the upgrade. On platforms like Nexus Mods, players have developed mods that revert the game to its pre-upgrade state or prevent the update from being downloaded, highlighting the extent of the discontent with the current version of the upgrade.

Bethesda's Response and Future Expectations

While Bethesda has acknowledged that the upgrade is working as intended in response to complaints, the community expects that these significant issues will prompt further updates and fixes. Digital Foundry has expressed hope that Bethesda will address these problems soon, particularly for the Xbox versions, to ensure that the game meets the standards expected from a next-gen upgrade.

In Summary

Despite the excitement surrounding Fallout 4's next-gen upgrade, fueled by renewed interest in the franchise due to Amazon's TV adaptation, the rollout has not been smooth. With issues ranging from underperforming graphics modes on Xbox to problematic ultrawide support on PC, Bethesda may need to release additional patches to fulfill the upgrade's potential. Meanwhile, players on PS5 can enjoy some of the intended enhancements, although even these do not fully match PC's highest settings. As fans await further improvements, the Fallout 4 community continues to find ways to optimize their experience in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout.


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