Atlas Fallen Major Update "Reign of Sand" Announced

Atlas Fallen Major Update "Reign of Sand" Announced

Atlas Fallen, the third-person action-adventure online co-op game developed by Deck13, is set to receive a substantial update titled Reign of Sand. Scheduled for release on August 6, this major update promises to bring a wealth of new content, features, and improvements, all based on player feedback. The update will be available on PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam).

New Content and Enhancements

Publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Deck13 Interactive have confirmed that the Reign of Sand update will be free for all players. This update introduces a brand new area filled with new quests, enemies, and gameplay features. Additionally, the first few hours of the game have been overhauled to improve pacing and quality of life.

“The world of Atlas Fallen will be enriched by this major, entirely free update! Enjoy new voice acting with the talented Ben Starr (Final Fantasy XVI, Warframe), a reworked campaign, and face even more formidable creatures armed with 25 new Essence Stones.”

Key Features of the Reign of Sand Update

  • New Quests and Enemies: Explore a new area with fresh challenges and adversaries.
  • Revamped Progression Mechanics: Enhanced progression systems to provide a more engaging gameplay experience.
  • New Stones and Essence Stones: Discover 25 new Essence Stones to enhance your abilities.
  • New Game Plus Mode: Continue your adventure with all your equipment and loadouts, or start anew to fully experience the new content.
  • Nyaal’s Nightmare Difficulty Mode: Test your skills with a more challenging difficulty setting.
  • Improved Voice-Overs and Dialogue: Featuring new voice acting from Ben Starr, enhancing the narrative experience.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Numerous gameplay and visual enhancements based on community feedback.

“Starting August 6, Atlas Fallen evolves into Atlas Fallen: Reign of Sand. As a replacement of the base game, this major, completely free overhaul will be available as an update across all platforms.”

Carry Forward Your Save or Start Anew

Players have the option to carry over their progress, including equipment and loadouts, into the Reign of Sand update. However, starting a new playthrough is highly recommended to fully immerse in the breadth of new features and enhancements.

Trailer and Sneak Peek

Fans can get a sneak peek at the upcoming update by watching the Major Update Announcement trailer. The trailer provides a thrilling glimpse of the new content and features coming to Atlas Fallen.

“Atlas Fallen: Reign of Sand launches on August 6th on all platforms. Don’t miss out on this epic adventure!”

Watch the Exciting Trailer Here


The Reign of Sand update for Atlas Fallen is a testament to Deck13’s commitment to their player base, delivering a comprehensive and free overhaul that addresses player feedback while introducing exciting new content. Whether you are a returning player or new to the game, Reign of Sand promises to enrich your adventure in the sand-covered fantasy world of Atlas Fallen.

Mark your calendars for August 6 and prepare to dive into the enhanced world of Atlas Fallen.

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