How to Get Aluminum Fast in Fallout 4

How to Get Aluminum Fast in Fallout 4

Getting aluminum fast in Fallout 4 can feel like a challenge as it is not as easily accessible in the Commonwealth. Unlike some other materials, aluminum cannot be created in your settlement; you must find it in the wild and bring it back. However, there are a few ways to get aluminum faster than usual, such as being strategic about locations and picking the right skills.

The Importance of Aluminum in Fallout 4

Aluminum is just one of many building materials in Fallout 4 that players need to collect to build settlements and craft items. There are ways and glitches to get around needing some of these materials, but if you want to get your materials honestly, you will have to find spots where they spawn in abundance. You will want to find these locations and mark them so that you can return and see if the loot has respawned in the meantime.

Best Locations to Find Aluminum Fast

Loot Hospitals and Medical Facilities

There are several places where you can find aluminum in abundance. Most of these are locations such as medical buildings or supply stations. Any location marked with a cross for medical or Vaults with medical stations in them has an abundance of aluminum in the form of cans and surgical trays. Make sure to have a fairly empty inventory going into places like this, as it can fill up quickly.

Examples of Good Medical Facilities for Aluminum:

  • Medford Memorial Hospital: Malden
  • Med-Tek Research: Malden
  • Mass Bay Medical Center: Theater District
  • Greater Mass Blood Clinic: Fort Hagen
  • Milton General Hospital: Milton

Another good spot is the Federal Ration Stockpile on the western side of the map. This is one of the other locations besides medical facilities that will likely have an abundance of cans. YouTuber Flakfire got around 30 aluminum cans searching this stockpile.

Mark Locations on Your Map

Mark locations on your map with large stockpiles of aluminum, as the loot at these locations may respawn, and you can return for more.

Use Traders in Your Settlements

If you need aluminum fast but do not want to explore, you can use the traders in your settlements in Fallout 4 to buy aluminum from them. This will be the fastest and easiest way to acquire it. Make sure you max out stats like Charisma to make it cheaper to buy from the trader. This will make it possible to build different pieces faster and get the job done. And buying from a trader, you do not have to hope for a respawn if you need the aluminum immediately in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4's 10 Best Random Encounters

In addition to gathering materials, Fallout 4 is packed full of quests, hidden locations, factions, and settlements to keep any Sole Survivor busy for hundreds of hours. But there are also some fascinating and sometimes funny random encounters that can take place to help make sure that no two playthroughs feel completely alike. From wandering merchants and cool NPCs to cheeky impostors and blasts from the past, there are over 150 randomly chosen events that the Sole Survivor can experience.

Random encounters in Fallout 4 fall into different categories:
- Static encounters often occur around specific map points.
- Fluid encounters usually trigger while following a particular road or route.

While many of these chance meetings might lead to combat, there are also some that can have more positive outcomes or even some of Fallout 4's more interesting side quests. So, while the Sole Survivor explores the Commonwealth, it’s always fun to keep an eye out for any of these random encounters.

Fallout Crossover in Call of Duty

Following the success of the Fallout TV show, the series has capitalized on the swell in mainstream attention via a Fortnite collab, and now it’s confirmed that Call of Duty is getting one of those too on June 20. The fun little promotion also features a nod to one of Fallout 4's most popular quest mods.

The Fallout Vault Dweller Bundle includes:

  • Four new operator skins for Price, Ghost, Soap, and Gaz dressed in Vault suits.
  • Blueprints for Fallout-themed weapons.
  • Themed accessories and loading screens.
  • Fallout: Vault Dwellers Event bringing fresh challenges to multiplayer, zombies, and Warzone.

Interesting Detail:
- The vault suits are numbered 141, a nod to Task Force 141 in the CoD universe. Interestingly, one of Fallout 4's most popular quest mods, 'Xander's Aid' by Neeher, features a Vault 141 located in The Commonwealth.

If you’re looking for more cool Fallout 4 mods, make sure to check out revamped lists of the best ones to grab if you’re constructing a fresh load order in 2024. One of those lets you ride a Deathclaw, by the way.

Fallout 4 remains a game filled with endless possibilities and unique experiences, from collecting materials like aluminum to encountering random NPCs and events. The game's influence continues to spread, even making its mark in other popular franchises like Call of Duty. Whether you're a new player or a returning veteran, there's always something new to discover in the wastelands of Fallout 4.


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