Gears of War: E-Day Announced - A Prequel Set 14 Years Before the First Game Starring Marcus Fenix

Gears of War: E-Day Announced - A Prequel Set 14 Years Before the First Game Starring Marcus Fenix

Xbox has officially revealed Gears of War: E-Day, a prequel set 14 years before the original Gears of War game. Announced during the Xbox Games Showcase, E-Day stars the fan-favorite hero Marcus Fenix, offering players the chance to experience the terror of the infamous Emergence Day.

A Return to the Beginning

In the newly released trailer, which features an orchestral remix of Gary Jules' Mad World—the same song that played in the launch trailer for the original Gears of War—we see Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago face the Locust Horde for the first time. This encounter marks the beginning of their legendary battle against the subterranean monsters that lay siege on humanity.

"Experience the brutal horror of Emergence Day through the eyes of Marcus Fenix in the origin story of one of gaming's most acclaimed sagas," the trailer's description reads. "Fourteen years before Gears of War, war heroes Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago return home to face a new nightmare: the Locust Horde. These subterranean monsters, grotesque and relentless, erupt from below, laying siege on humanity itself."

Built from the Ground Up with Unreal Engine 5

Developed by The Coalition and built using Unreal Engine 5, E-Day promises to deliver "unprecedented graphical fidelity." The game's visuals are expected to set a new standard for the franchise, making the brutal world of Gears of War more immersive than ever before.

Continuing the Storyline

Despite the decision to create a prequel, Microsoft has assured fans that this does not mean they are abandoning the stories set out in Gears of War 4 and Gears of War 5. In a post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft emphasized that the team is content with the stories told in the previous games and is excited about the opportunity to explore the origins of Marcus and Dom.

"The team is content with the stories told in Gears 4 and Gears 5 and is by no means abandoning them, but the collective passion for such an iconic origin story was simply too great to ignore," Microsoft said. "The story of E-Day and the origins of Marcus and Dom are such powerful, pivotal events that The Coalition couldn’t wait to tell it."

A New Narrative Opportunity

The decision to focus on a prequel was further explained by The Coalition's creative director Matt Searcy and brand director Nicole Fawcette. They highlighted the significance of Emergence Day and the chance to delve into the backstory of some of the series' most beloved characters.

"We’re super proud about Gears 4 and Gears 5 and the stories that were told," Fawcette said. "We’re not retreating from that storyline in any way. But in [this] moment, we had an opportunity to write our next step, and this one just felt too good to miss."

Searcy added that the decision was driven by a reflection on the franchise's history and the energy around telling the story of Emergence Day. This origin story offers a new angle and depth to the narrative that fans have come to love.

The Future of Gears of War

While Gears of War: E-Day is in active development, fans are naturally curious about the future of the series, particularly regarding a potential Gears 6. Xbox boss Phil Spencer explained that the prequel provides The Coalition with an opportunity to establish their own take on the Gears narrative.

"Following on Gears 5 just because of the numerical thing, I think it would just… this was an opportunity for them to take it back to an origin story that has a lot of real depth to it in terms of Emergence Day and tell that story through The Coalition as it is today," Spencer said. "I thought, what a great opportunity. I was excited."


Gears of War: E-Day promises to be an epic addition to the beloved franchise, offering a deep dive into the origins of Marcus Fenix and the harrowing events of Emergence Day. With its development in Unreal Engine 5, the game is set to deliver a visually stunning and immersive experience. As fans eagerly await more details and a release date, they can rest assured that the future of the Gears of War series remains bright and full of potential.

For more updates on Gears of War: E-Day and other announcements from the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, stay tuned.

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