Elden Ring Streamer Conquers All 165 Bosses at Level 1 in NG+7

Elden Ring Streamer Conquers All 165 Bosses at Level 1 in NG+7

Twitch streamer MissMikkaa has once again proven her exceptional prowess in Elden Ring, achieving a feat that most players can only dream of. In an astonishing display of skill and dedication, she completed a level 1 playthrough of the game, defeating all 165 bosses on the New Game Plus 7 (NG+7) difficulty. This accomplishment required her to finish the game seven times over just to reach the highest difficulty level.

"In total, I died 2,145 times," MissMikkaa revealed, underscoring the immense challenge she faced throughout her journey.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of New Game Plus mechanics in Souls games, these playthroughs allow players to restart the game with all their gear, souls, and levels intact but at a significantly higher difficulty. In Elden Ring, these NG+ playthroughs cap out their increased difficulty around journey 7/8.

"This absolute monster has beaten the game's bosses with an acoustic guitar and slain Melania with one hand," showcasing her ability to tackle the game in unconventional and impressive ways.

MissMikkaa, however, took on NG+7 with a level 1 character, refusing to level up despite the escalating difficulty. This meant she relied heavily on her equipment and clever strategies, making the most of her physick flask and talismans. Notably, she avoided using summons, great runes, throwing pots, sorceries, or incantations, adding another layer of difficulty to her run.

Interestingly, the notoriously difficult boss Malenia, who has become a living legend for her difficulty, wasn't the most challenging foe for MissMikkaa. That title went to the Valiant Gargoyle duo in the Siofra Aqueduct.

"Here is the Malenia kill, which took me 63 tries. The hardest boss was Valiant Gargoyles DUO, which took me a whopping 405 tries."

Despite the grueling challenge, MissMikkaa's determination never wavered. Her entire journey took 269 hours across eight playthroughs, culminating in her triumph over the Elden Beast. The streamer’s achievement is a testament to her exceptional skill and dedication to the game.

You might think MissMikkaa would take a well-deserved break after such an incredible feat, but she’s already set her sights on a new challenge: a no-healing run. This time, she will allow herself to level up, using the character she builds in this run to tackle the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

MissMikkaa's Previous Feats

MissMikkaa is no stranger to extraordinary achievements in gaming. Her past exploits include beating God of War's toughest boss in 12 hours using nothing but a dance pad and killing Margit in Elden Ring with an acoustic guitar as a controller. She even got her dog to play Elden Ring, proving her innovative approach to gaming knows no bounds.

As the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, prepares to launch on June 21, fans eagerly await what MissMikkaa will tackle next. For those interested in following her journey, be sure to drop her a follow on Twitch.

"The playthrough took 269 hours and 2,145 deaths," highlighting the perseverance and dedication required to achieve such an extraordinary feat.

MissMikkaa's accomplishments are a shining example of what can be achieved with skill, determination, and a willingness to push the boundaries of what's possible in gaming. Her journey through Elden Ring at level 1 in NG+7 is a story of triumph that will inspire gamers everywhere.


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