Minecraft PS5 Version in Development: Mojang Seeks Player Feedback

Minecraft PS5 Version in Development: Mojang Seeks Player Feedback

Minecraft, the immensely popular sandbox game, is finally getting a native version for the PlayStation 5. Mojang, the game's developer, has announced that they are currently developing this optimized version and are inviting players to participate in the testing phase. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming PS5 version and how to get involved.

How to Participate in the Testing Phase

To join the testing phase for the PS5 version, players need to own the PS4 version of Minecraft on their PS5. Here are the steps to access the new version:
1. Launch the PS4 version of Minecraft on your PS5.
2. Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Preview’ to access the new version.

This early build includes the Tricky Trials Update, which allows players to explore trial chambers, meet a breeze, and craft a mace, among other activities. However, players should be aware that this preview version might have some bugs and the Minecraft Store will not be available.

Optimized Performance and Features

Mojang emphasized that the native PS5 version aims to run more efficiently on the console’s hardware, promising a smoother gaming experience. Although the preview is an early build, it offers a glimpse into the enhanced performance that players can expect from the final release.

“By developing a native version of Minecraft for PS5, we'll be able to make the game run more effectively on the PS5's hardware,” Mojang stated.

Multiplayer and Crossplay

In the current preview, multiplayer is limited to friends on PS4 and PS5, and crossplay is also restricted. However, players who are subscribed to the Realms service can still play online with friends on other platforms by creating a dedicated preview realm first.

Player Feedback and Bug Reporting

Mojang is relying heavily on player feedback to identify and fix any issues in the new PS5 version. Players are encouraged to report bugs and provide feedback through the official Discord server and a dedicated form on the Minecraft website.

“We need your help to test it,” Mojang added, highlighting the importance of community involvement in the development process.

What to Expect from the Full Release

While there is no official release date for the full PS5 version of Minecraft, the existence of this preview suggests that the final stages of development are underway. The new version promises not only improved performance but also new features and content that leverage the capabilities of the PS5.


The native PS5 version of Minecraft is an exciting development for fans of the game, offering improved performance and new features. By participating in the testing phase, players can help shape the final product and ensure a smooth launch. Stay tuned for more updates as Mojang continues to develop and refine this highly anticipated version.

For those who haven’t yet acquired the PS4 version of Minecraft, it is available now in both standard and deluxe editions, which include additional maps, player customization options, skin packs, and virtual store currency.

For more detailed updates and to participate in the testing phase, visit Minecraft Official Site.

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