Void Interactive Confirms "Ready Or Not" Source Code Theft in Recent Hack

Void Interactive Confirms "Ready Or Not" Source Code Theft in Recent Hack

Void Interactive, the developer behind the tactical first-person shooter "Ready or Not", has confirmed a breach in their security, resulting in the theft of source code. According to a statement given to Kotaku, the company emphasized that no employee or player data was compromised during the incident.

The breach, attributed to critical vulnerabilities in TeamCity's cloud services used for build management, occurred without the theft of any sensitive personal information. However, the hackers did manage to steal "some" source code and screenshots of upcoming projects. Insider Gaming reports that the hack took place in March, before being disclosed by the studio, with the perpetrators making off with approximately 4TB of data, including builds of "Ready or Not" for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Released into Early Access in December 2021 and achieving full release in December 2023, "Ready or Not" has faced its share of controversies. Originally partnered with publisher Team17, Void Interactive had to transition to self-publishing following Team17's withdrawal after the game stirred controversy over a planned school shooting mission.

Despite the setbacks, "Ready or Not" has maintained a mostly positive reception, currently holding a 79% rating on Metacritic. Nevertheless, recent updates and the 1.0 launch have seen some criticism aimed at gameplay changes and persistent bugs.

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