Beyond Galaxyland: A Cinematic Sci-Fi 2.5D Adventure RPG Set to Launch on Multiple Platforms

Beyond Galaxyland: A Cinematic Sci-Fi 2.5D Adventure RPG Set to Launch on Multiple Platforms

United Label Games, in partnership with developer Sam Enright, has officially announced an exciting new title set to captivate sci-fi and RPG fans alike. Beyond Galaxyland, a 2.5D adventure RPG, is set to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. The release date remains unannounced, but anticipation is already building for this interstellar adventure.

An Epic Quest Among the Stars

Beyond Galaxyland promises an epic narrative set in a zoo-like solar system of diverse planets, each with its unique environment and challenges. Players will step into the sneakers of Doug, a high-schooler pulled into an intergalactic quest to save Earth from a devastating force known only as "The End." This storyline promises a blend of humor, peril, and friendship, set against a backdrop of neon-tastic visuals inspired by classic sci-fi films.

"I’m a huge fan of classic turn-based RPGs from the mid and late 1990s, and some of my favourites – such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII –have provided me a galaxy’s worth of inspiration when developing Beyond Galaxyland." — Sam Enright, Developer

Unique Companions and Combat System

In this quest, Doug is not alone; he's accompanied by his pet guinea pig, Boom Boom, who wields a pistol with aplomb, and MartyBot, a sentient robot. The game features a turn-based combat system where players can engage cosmic foes in strategic battles, utilizing time-responsive defensive maneuvers and a slew of unique abilities from a diverse party roster.

Explore a Vast Universe

The adventure spans across multiple planets such as the blizzard-swept plains of Arcos and the neon-buzzing cities of Neo. Each world is filled with environmental puzzles, quests, and characters that bring the universe of Beyond Galaxyland to life. Players can capture and utilize the creatures they encounter, turning foes into allies in future battles.

Dynamic and Engaging Gameplay

Beyond Galaxyland integrates classic RPG elements with an active turn-based combat system. Players are encouraged to scan enemies before battles to discover weaknesses, adding an additional layer of tactical depth to encounters. The game also boasts over 25 epic boss battles against formidable adversaries like colossal space dragons and the all-knowing Nexus Mind.

A Rich, Diverse Soundtrack

The game features an eclectic soundtrack with over 50 tracks spanning various genres, from electronic to hip-hop, all designed to enhance the cinematic feel of the game. This diverse musical score promises to be as unique as the game’s visual and narrative elements, setting it apart in the genre.

Anticipation Builds as Release Nears

As the gaming community eagerly awaits more details, the buzz around Beyond Galaxyland continues to grow. The blend of a compelling narrative, engaging gameplay mechanics, and a visually striking art style makes this one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

"We’re thrilled to publish Sam’s passion project later this year and share Doug and Boom Boom’s incredible tale with the world… if not the Universe." — Darren Newnham, CEO, United Label


Beyond Galaxyland is not just a game; it's a homage to the classic sci-fi and RPG genres, reimagined for today's gaming landscape. With its innovative gameplay, intriguing storyline, and stunning visuals, it promises to offer an unforgettable experience for both new players and seasoned gamers. Keep an eye out for further announcements as the developers reveal more about the game's features and the official release date.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting intergalactic adventure, as Beyond Galaxyland prepares to take players on a journey like no other.

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