"Destiny 2: The Final Shape" Raid Set for June 7th Launch, Just Days After Expansion Release

"Destiny 2: The Final Shape" Raid Set for June 7th Launch, Just Days After Expansion Release

Bungie has announced that the highly anticipated raid for "Destiny 2: The Final Shape" will go live on June 7th at 10 AM PT, only three days following the expansion's global release on June 4th. This quick turnaround gives players a limited window to prepare for the ultimate showdown against The Witness, the main antagonist in Destiny's decade-long Light vs. Darkness saga.

The expansion, described as the culmination of the Light and Darkness saga, promises an intense single-player campaign and significant gameplay innovations, including the introduction of the Prismatic subclass. This new feature allows players to mix Light and Darkness powers, adding a fresh layer of strategy to the game.

Bungie's decision to release the raid shortly after the expansion's launch is unusual but strategic, considering there are no Power level increases with this expansion. The raid's early release aims to maintain the narrative's momentum and integrates directly with the overarching story of the expansion.

In addition to new gameplay features, "The Final Shape" will introduce the first new enemy faction since 2018's Forsaken expansion - The Dread. This new adversary brings unique challenges to the battlefield, including flying bats with guns and melee-focused enemies that can disrupt player strategies.

This expansion will be available across multiple platforms, including Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC. As players gear up for the new challenges in "The Final Shape," they can also look forward to engaging with new Exotic class items and weapons that further enhance the gaming experience.

As "Destiny 2" prepares to close a significant chapter with "The Final Shape," Bungie reassures fans that this is not the end of the Destiny universe but a gateway to new adventures that await in the future saga of the game. Fans and players can expect more announcements and details from Bungie in the upcoming months as they continue to expand the Destiny universe.


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