Star Wars: Hunters' New Trailer Showcases Gameplay, Customization, and More

Star Wars: Hunters' New Trailer Showcases Gameplay, Customization, and More

Zynga's highly anticipated arena shooter, Star Wars: Hunters, is set for release on June 4, 2024, following several delays. As the launch date approaches, a new trailer has been unveiled, offering a closer look at the game's gameplay, character customization, and various modes. The trailer highlights the immersive team-based combat, unique characters, and extensive customization options that players can look forward to.

Gameplay and Modes

Star Wars: Hunters features intense team-based combat where players form teams of four to engage in third-person battles across a variety of battlegrounds inspired by iconic Star Wars worlds. The game is set on the planet Vespaara, known for its around-the-clock Arena events hosted by the Outer Rim Sports Network.

Game Modes

The trailer introduces several exciting game modes:

  • Squad Brawl: A classic team deathmatch mode where the first team to reach 20 eliminations wins.
  • Trophy Chase: Teams compete to hold onto a Trophy Droid named TR0-F33 for the longest time.
  • Power Control: Teams must control the majority of Control Points on the battlefield to gain points and dominate their opponents.

These modes promise to offer a variety of strategic and fast-paced gameplay experiences.

Character and Weapon Customization

One of the standout features of Star Wars: Hunters is the extensive customization available for both characters and weapons. Players can unlock and equip a wide range of cosmetic items to personalize their Hunters. The new trailer provides a glimpse into the customization menus for characters such as the Imperial heavy gunner Sentinel, the Dark Side assassin Rieve, and the bounty hunter Imara Vex. Players can seamlessly switch out their characters' looks mid-battle with the push of a button, enhancing the dynamic nature of the game.

"Players will be able to unlock cosmetics for their Hunters by completing specific tasks, purchasing Arena Passes, or through bundles," according to the official Star Wars: Hunters site. "There are 357 pieces of cosmetic content available to acquire."

Nintendo Switch players who play the game at launch will unlock exclusive items, including the Shift Veteran costume and Shift Blaster wrap for Imara Vex. Additionally, those who pre-register on the site will receive exclusive rewards such as the "Raise Your Fist" emote, Amber Hunter cosmetic, Amber Rifle cosmetic, "Bubo's Blue Milk" Avatar, and "Ticket Invite" Avatar.

Characters and Setting

Star Wars: Hunters features a roster of original characters inspired by various classes and droids from the Star Wars universe. Set between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, the game brings together heroes of the Rebellion, Imperial stormtroopers, droids, and more.

Character Spotlights

The trailer showcases several unique characters, each with distinct abilities and weapons:

  • Rieve: A Dark Side assassin equipped with a lightsaber and quick wit.
  • Imara Vex: A versatile bounty hunter with customizable blaster rifles.
  • Sentinel: An Imperial heavy gunner known for his brute strength.

These characters, along with others like J-3DI and the Gundarks and Mudhorns teams, promise a diverse and engaging gameplay experience.

Upcoming Events and Updates

To keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, Star Wars: Hunters will feature a variety of events and updates:

  • New Game Mode - Power Control: Squads must control the majority of Control Points or seize all three to dominate the opposition.
  • Dynamic Control Mode: Improved respawn system and better readability of Control Points.
  • Ranked Mode: Compete in ranked matches to earn exclusive rewards.

The game's Hunter's Path will offer a new way to unlock Hunters for free, with options to speed up the process through purchases. Abilities will evolve with Hunter levels, providing a more streamlined and engaging progression system.


With its launch just around the corner, Star Wars: Hunters is poised to deliver a thrilling and customizable gaming experience for Star Wars fans and arena shooter enthusiasts alike. The new trailer has certainly ramped up excitement, showcasing the game's dynamic gameplay, extensive customization options, and the rich Star Wars universe setting.

"By committing to creating physical editions, we were hoping to preserve the almost nostalgic feeling of unboxing your newest game, and this is a commitment we’re hoping to bring into the future with us," Zynga stated. "We continue to work closely with our partners to manage the planning and production process."

Pre-download Star Wars: Hunters now and prepare for an epic battle in the galaxy far, far away starting June 4, 2024.

For more updates and news on Star Wars: Hunters, stay tuned to the official channels and join the adventure on Vespaara.


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