Fallout 4 Fan's Unconventional Playthrough: The Quest to Eat Shaun's Corpse

Fallout 4 Fan's Unconventional Playthrough: The Quest to Eat Shaun's Corpse

Fallout 4, the iconic post-apocalyptic RPG from Bethesda, has always encouraged players to explore its vast world and make unique choices. However, one fan took this freedom to a macabre new level by playing through the entire game with the sole intention of eating the corpse of their son, Shaun. Here's a deep dive into this unusual journey, the in-game mechanics they exploited, and the broader context of Fallout 4's narrative flexibility.

The Setup: Fallout 4's Unique Narrative

Fallout 4 sets itself apart from its predecessors by starting before the nuclear apocalypse. Players witness the idyllic 1950s-style suburban life of Nate and Nora before being thrust into the chaos of a vault as the bombs fall. The story takes a dramatic turn when the protagonist's partner is murdered, and their son, Shaun, is kidnapped.

After waking from cryostasis many years later, players discover that Shaun has grown up and is now an old man running the shadowy organization known as The Institute. This revelation kicks off the central questline of searching for and ultimately confronting Shaun.

The Unconventional Playthrough

Most players, upon finding out the truth about Shaun, choose to ally with one of the game's major factions: the Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel, or the Railroad, often leading to Shaun's death. However, a fan known as SneakyTheSnekers decided to take a different path. They replayed the entire game with the specific goal of eating Shaun's corpse, using a custom character humorously named "Mister B--bies."

Immediate Execution and Consumption

Upon meeting Shaun for the first time, this player did not engage in any dialogue. Instead, they shot him in the head immediately. The character, "Mister B--bies," then proceeded to eat Shaun's corpse, utilizing the game's cannibalism mechanics.

"You can kill [Shaun] immediately," SneakyTheSnekers said. "I'm on PlayStation without mods and it just locks you out of a lot of story stuff, and if you get past his first dialogue and let him unlock the doors and THEN kill him, the Institute doesn't turn hostile instantly for some reason and you can wander around for a while unless you eat his corpse."

Fallout 4's Cannibalism Mechanic

The cannibalism mechanic in Fallout 4 allows players with the Cannibal perk to consume human corpses to restore health. This dark and gruesome ability fits the post-apocalyptic setting of the game but is rarely used to such extreme narrative ends as in this fan's playthrough.

Broader Implications and Community Reactions

This playthrough highlights the flexibility and freedom that Fallout 4 offers its players. While the game provides a rich narrative and multiple faction endings, it also allows for personal, often bizarre choices that can significantly alter the storyline.

Fans' reactions to this playthrough have been mixed, ranging from horror to amusement. One fan humorously commented:

"Oh for freedom, what the absolute f**k is this? I didn't need a rocket devastator but in a tank."

Fallout 4: Skipping the Prologue

For players looking to dive back into Fallout 4 and avoid the lengthy prologue, there's a helpful tip. By creating a save file right before exiting the Vault, players can start new playthroughs from this point, skipping the initial sequence.

How to Skip the Prologue:

  1. Play Through the Intro: Complete the initial prologue sequence.
  2. Create a Save: Save the game right before the elevator that exits the Vault.
  3. Label the Save: Title this save "New Game" or something similar.
  4. Load the Save for New Playthroughs: When starting a new game, load this save file to skip the prologue.


Fallout 4 continues to be a playground for creative and unconventional playthroughs, thanks to its expansive world and flexible mechanics. Whether you're hunting for your kidnapped son or devising a bizarre plan to consume his corpse, Fallout 4 provides a unique experience tailored to your choices. With the added convenience of skipping the prologue, replaying this classic RPG has never been easier.

For more tips and guides on Fallout 4, stay tuned and explore the many possibilities this game has to offer.


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