Sonic x Shadow Generations: Bringing New Life to a Classic

Sonic x Shadow Generations: Bringing New Life to a Classic

Sonic x Shadow Generations does for Sonic Generations what Bowser’s Fury did for Super Mario 3D World. Shadow steals the show in this updated release of one of Sonic’s best games.

A Classic Reimagined

When Sonic Generations released over a decade ago, fans celebrated one of the most successful Sonic titles in years. The game bridged the gap between classic and modern Sonic, becoming a beloved entry in the franchise. Now, Sega revisits this critically acclaimed title with Sonic x Shadow Generations, adding new content centered around Shadow the Hedgehog. And much to everyone's surprise, this new content is incredibly fun.

"Shadow steals the show in this updated release of one of Sonic’s best games."

The Summer Games Fest Demo

The Summer Games Fest demo for Sonic x Shadow Generations separates Sonic's classic and modern levels from Shadow’s new content. For Sonic, the available courses were Green Hill Zone as Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic. These levels, while nostalgic, remain largely unchanged from the original release, running at a higher resolution but not remade.

"Both Green Hill Zone stages are functionally the original release running at a higher resolution. This is not a remake of Sonic Generations in any way."

Shadow's New Levels

The excitement comes with Shadow’s levels, providing brand new content in Shadow’s own revisiting of his past. The demo featured the Space Colony Ark level and the Biolizard boss fight from Sonic Adventure 2. Unlike the reused 3DS version, these levels are built from the ground up for this release.

In Space Colony Ark, Shadow utilizes his Chaos Control ability, which freezes time and objects, creating unique gameplay opportunities. The level includes cinematic moments, like using Chaos Control on a massive missile and punching it back into a space fortress.

"I cannot overstate how unnecessarily hard Sega goes on these Shadow levels."

The Biolizard Boss Fight

The Biolizard boss fight, while less ambitious, remains a classic Sonic boss encounter. Shadow must dodge energy waves and deliver attacks to the Biolizard’s weak points. The familiar yet frantic nature of this fight ensures it remains engaging and fun.

"The ending of the Biolizard boss fight does not cease to be cool even if it has been used before."

Pre-Order Details and Editions

Sonic x Shadow Generations is set for release on October 25, 2024, with pre-orders now open. The game offers two editions: the standard edition, available both physically and digitally, and the digital deluxe edition. Pre-order bonuses include a Sonic Adventure legacy skin for all versions, with a physical edition offering a journal detailing Gerald Robotnik's creation of Shadow.

"For an additional $10, you can get the digital deluxe edition of Sonic x Shadow Generations, which includes two extra skins, a digital copy of the soundtrack, skill points, and three days of early access."


Sonic x Shadow Generations is shaping up to be a standout release, much like Bowser’s Fury was for Super Mario 3D World. The addition of Shadow’s content adds significant value to an already beloved game, ensuring it appeals to both longtime fans and new players alike. With its release just around the corner, excitement is building for what promises to be a memorable addition to the Sonic franchise.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the release date, and don’t miss out on securing your pre-order for this exciting new adventure in the Sonic universe.

For more details and to pre-order your copy, visit Sonic x Shadow Generations.


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