Starfield's Biggest Update Yet: Map Overhaul, Ship Customization, and More

Starfield's Biggest Update Yet: Map Overhaul, Ship Customization, and More

Starfield has just received its most significant update since launch, bringing a slew of highly requested features and improvements. This update revamps the surface maps, introduces new interior ship customization options, and allows players to respec traits and change appearances in New Game Plus. Here's a detailed breakdown of everything new in this major patch.

Revamped Surface Maps

One of the most noticeable changes in this update is the overhaul of the surface maps. Previously criticized for their lack of detail, the maps now feature more intricate 3D models and icons that accurately represent their locations. For example, New Atlantis now showcases a detailed map with markers for vendors and points of interest, enabling players to fast travel directly to these locations.

"Maps are now far more detailed, and one of the examples given is New Atlantis. It's now a 3D model with icons placed at their corresponding locations, making it easier to see where you are or where you want to be."

Interior Ship Customization

A highly anticipated feature, the ability to customize the interior of your ship, is now live. This update allows players to decorate existing modules with furniture and decor, alter doorways to change the layout, and even add new empty hab modules to start from scratch. This makes the ship feel more like a home base, adding a personal touch to your interstellar adventures.

"You can now customize the interior of your ship much as you would an outpost, making it feel more like a home base."

New Game Plus Enhancements

With the latest update, players starting a New Game Plus can now change their traits and appearance. This offers a fresh experience with each new run, allowing players to try different playstyles and character builds without starting from scratch.

"Going into New Game Plus, you can now change your traits and appearance to try different playstyles with each run."

New Difficulty Options and Quality-of-Life Settings

The gameplay options have been expanded to include new difficulty settings and quality-of-life improvements. Players can now adjust the difficulty of space and ground combat separately, making ship battles easier while keeping planetary gunfights challenging, or vice versa. Additionally, survival settings like hunger, environmental hazards, and carry capacity can be toggled for a more customized experience.

"Another big change is that you can alter the difficulty of space and on-the-ground combat separately, making ship battles easier while your usual planetary gunfights are harder--or vice-versa."

Enhanced Vendor Credits and Inventory Management

The update also addresses inventory management and vendor interactions. Players can now increase vendor credits and carry capacity, and access ship cargo directly from their inventory. These changes aim to streamline gameplay and reduce unnecessary backtracking.

"In the gameplay options tab, you can now increase vendor credits and carry capacity, access your ship cargo through your inventory, and toggle several survival effects like food and environmental hazards."

Quality-of-Life Improvements

Bethesda has introduced several quality-of-life improvements, including the option to turn off the dialogue camera, which prevents the game from zooming into NPC faces during conversations. New tabs have been added to container and barter menus, making inventory navigation more intuitive.

"As for quality-of-life options, you can now turn the Bethesda dialogue camera off so that you aren't zoomed into an NPC face every time you talk to them."

Future Updates and Content

Bethesda is also working on future updates, including driveable land vehicles, which will significantly enhance exploration. Additionally, official mod support and the Shattered Space DLC are expected to arrive later this year, promising to bring even more content and gameplay enhancements.

"Bethesda also revealed that it's working on driveable land vehicles for a future update."


The latest update for Starfield is a substantial step forward in enhancing the player experience. With revamped maps, detailed ship customization, new difficulty settings, and numerous quality-of-life improvements, Bethesda shows its commitment to continually improving the game. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, this update offers something for everyone.

"This update is live now, so if you want to dive back into Starfield and see what's changed first-hand, you can."

Patch Notes

For a detailed list of all changes and improvements, you can read the full patch notes on Bethesda's official website here.

Starfield continues to evolve, offering players more ways to tailor their adventures in the vast expanse of space. With this latest update, the game is set to provide an even richer and more immersive experience.


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