Star Wars: Hunters Review

Star Wars: Hunters Review

Like a Party at the Death Star: Fun for a Bit, but Probably Not a Place You’ll Want to Hang Around for Long

Star Wars: Hunters, the latest offering from Zynga, aims to provide quick, lighthearted fun in the beloved Star Wars universe. This free-to-play hero shooter is an enjoyable way to pass the time with friends, but its shallow competitive scene and uninspired progression rewards leave it lacking the depth needed to keep players engaged for the long haul.


Star Wars: Hunters doesn’t have the over-the-top destructibility of The Finals, nor the high-speed parkour of Apex Legends. Instead, it takes a more conventional approach similar to Team Fortress 2, where two teams of bespoke characters (called Hunters) engage in pure player-versus-player shootouts. The most notable way it sets itself apart is its Star Wars theme, which is utilized effectively. Classic Star Wars music, familiar locations like Ewok Village or an Imperial Starship, and iconic sounds of blaster bolts and Wookiee howls create an immersive experience.

Characters and Design

The philosophy behind the character designs and writing seems to be “just have fun with it.” For instance, Utooni, two Jawas in a trench coat, and J-3DI, a droid simulating a Jedi, are standout characters. The play-by-play announcers add to the lighthearted Star Wars vibe with humorous commentary.

"One hilarious bit of commentary talks about the action being sponsored by a new TV series on remembering Alderaan, but makes sure to remind any comedians watching at home that it is always too soon for Alderaan jokes."

There are 13 playable characters at launch, each with unique personalities and abilities. This variety makes each character feel distinct and exciting to play, encouraging players to experiment with different Hunters.


Matches in Star Wars: Hunters are simple and straightforward but still enjoyable. The game features four modes, including a team deathmatch called Squad Battle and a point-capture mode called Power Control. Matches are short, roughly five minutes each, which suits the game’s availability on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices but limits the potential for dramatic comebacks or extended strategies.

"Hunters manages to be a lot of fun by still having nuance where it counts."

Characters generally fall into Tank, Damage, or Support archetypes, allowing for balanced yet flexible gameplay. However, the competitive scene funnels teams towards specific compositions, with certain characters like Sentinel becoming almost mandatory due to their powerful abilities.

Progression and Monetization

As a free-to-play game, Hunters features a mix of free and premium currencies. New characters are unlocked using Crystals, which can be earned through gameplay or purchased. Initially, new Hunters are unlocked at a reasonable pace, but this slows significantly after acquiring a few.

"By the time you unlock half the roster, it slows to a painful crawl."

Credits are used for cosmetic items and are earned by playing matches and completing challenges. However, there are few items available for Credits compared to those for Crystals, making Credits feel somewhat pointless.

XP comes in two forms: Fame, which applies to specific Hunters and rewards both cosmetic and skill upgrades, and the Arena Pass, a battle pass that offers Credits, Crystals, and cosmetic items. The rewards, however, are generally unremarkable, making progression feel less rewarding.

Interface and User Experience

The interface between matches is cluttered, with too many windows, tabs, and submenus, making it difficult to navigate and claim rewards. The UI highlights selected items subtly, which can make it hard to see what’s being clicked.


Star Wars: Hunters is a simple but enjoyable hero shooter with a well-executed Star Wars presentation. Its amusingly chaotic casual modes strike a balance between accessibility and skill-based play. However, its shallow competitive scene and lackluster rewards make it less appealing for long-term engagement. The most intriguing elements are the Hunters themselves, but the process of unlocking them feels like an overly aggressive monetization push.

"Star Wars: Hunters is like a party at the Death Star: Impressive for a bit, but probably not a place you’ll want to hang around for too long."

Score: 6/10

Release Date: June 4, 2024
Developer: Zynga, NaturalMotion
Publisher: Zynga, LucasFilm Games
Platforms: Android, iOS, Switch (reviewed)


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